R.I.P. Annette Funicello

Annette Funicello, Mouseketeer and Beach Movie Actress, Dies at 70 (Via tsutpen)


      1. For the ultimate Annette Nostalgia Tribute, I recommend this multi-part Mouseketeer arc in which Annette plays a new girl in town who gets shunned by the mean girls at the local sock hop. Really!

        In all honestly it’s quite cheesy, but as a sociological artifact it’s absolutely fascinating and Annette is, as always, very charming. My wife, who is a HUGE Annette Funicello fan, made me watch the entire thing over the course of a week. As someone who makes films with kids this age now, it’s very weird to see how they did it then.

  1. Aw shoot.  I knew she had gotten MS, but she just seemed like someone who had supped from the same formula as Dick Clark – ageless.  So long Annette *sad Mickey Mouse wave as I fade to black*

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  2. Hard to believe she dropped out of the biz at age 22 – almost 50 years ago!  She obviously made an impression.

    Also, it’s 1965 and Mike Love grooves like a middle-age dork.

      1. They always double tracked her vocals. Disney producer Tutti Camarata came up with it because of her tiny voice and called it “The Annette sound”. It was basically a half second overlap.  A number of other singers followed suit.

  3. She had a special needs child (I was the bus driver) so perhaps that’s why she dropped out of show biz.

    1.  seriously, you’d think it’d be worth noting that those are the beach boys behind her.

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