Mark's book and game recommendations on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn


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  1. Issiah Lamk says:

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    • chandan mohanty says:

      I wish i could get that job. Been without a pay cheque long enough. 

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  2. chandan mohanty says:

    Hey Mark! I am finally doing something boingboing-ish with my life. My cause is to become the number one clasher in the world. I am sure you will agree that the world needs to wrest the crown back from Jorge Yao. In all fairness to Jorge, he should also get funding to be able to defend his title. Not! 

  3. chandan mohanty says:

    Guys, I am doing something BB-ish now. Please help support the cause. Mark Frauenfelder, Maybe we could feature this story on the BB page. It will be a lifetime dream come true. Fingers crossed.

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