Excellent vintage Japanese Toy: Early Warning System radar station, ca. 1950


13 Responses to “Excellent vintage Japanese Toy: Early Warning System radar station, ca. 1950”

  1. Still better than North Korean ones!

  2. G3 says:

    That thing probably saved a lot of lives. Very cool find.

  3. Jenn Chlebus says:

    I want one that prints tweets, displays weather radar, and lights up for Facebook notifications. And I want the dish to go roundy roundy.

  4. Gilbert Wham says:

    My mam had the Dan Dare version of this.

  5. Calling Monster Island. Calling Monster Island. Come in Minya.

    • antonybriggshale says:

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  6. crummett says:

    One of the rare ones that have not been stepped on by Godzilla. What a find!

  7. sockdoll says:

    That interocitor looks all wrong!

  8. Looks like something Kim Jon Un would use.

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