Limited-edition LP housed in a cast sugar box

The deluxe edition of dark IDM/R&B duo Beacon's new LP consists of rose-colored vinyl housed in an cast sugar box. The Ghostly International label worked with sculptor Fernando Mastrangelo to create the object, available in an edition of 20. You can't eat it though as it's coated in epoxy. Oh, it includes the digital download too. "TWWS DELUXE ART EDITION by Fernando Mastrangelo x Beacon" (via The Fox Is Black, thanks Patrick Kelly!)


  1. Ahh, IDM = Intelligent Dance Music. I was thinking Industrial Death Metal and wondering how that’d fuse with R&B

  2. Hmm… that reminds me of the concrete castings I have been doing for patio tables, maybe I should call Sam and offer my services.  A limited edition 2 lp set in a 80 lb. cast-concrete box – $150.. plus shipping. 

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