Here's Telma Costa's beautiful, knit skullkerchief -- perfect for staying warm, attending Misfits concerts, or everyday use.

The SkullKerchief (via Make)


    1. OMG is that what that is! I thought she was wearing some kind of hipster retro wimple. Seriously. 

  1. Skeleton Man from Tarot Witch of the Black Rose (on-going erotic comic since 2000) wears similar and has done for the past 13 years.

    Very good comic, if you’re open to a bit of Wicca meets BDSM. If you Google it be advised it is fairly NSFW. Fairly? Very. I’ve been on-line for around a quarter century – I don’t even know how to gauge these things any more. 

    1. Safe. The quirky non-threatening thing. Like Yaeba… As some one who is congenitally dangerous looking, I’m glad not *everyone* is a fan.

  2. Cute, taken on its own. But unfortunately reminiscent of the skull bandana/facemask thing that’s sooooooooo popular among a particularly annoying type of motorcycle rider.

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