Bwaag… Whep?

Some music to get your weekend started! (Thanks, D.S. Deboer in G+ BB Community!)


  1. Give the guy a break. It’s just plain hard to concentrate when there’s a table full of watery Kool-Aid and powdered donuts  down in the Fellowship Room.

  2. ok you guys owe me a new keyboard  (unless you tell me how to drain out the coffee with too much milk in it [typing this with bluetooth] ..that was the best laugh i’ve had in too long)

    1. Unplug it, soak it in hot water, tip it over to drain it, wait two weeks or so before using it again. Also, keep a spare near to hand.

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    1. Damn.  If they decided Henrietta should sing lead, I wonder how bad Myrna could be.  Is her mic even plugged in?

      Should her prescription be reduced a bit?

      And is that Flea on bass?

      1. They really project joy though, don’t they. If that’s the standard for heavenly bliss, I’m glad that I signed up for the other side decades ago.

    2.  The body language and sideways looks at each other seem to say Henrietta and Myrna had issues with each other just before taping. I’m thinking Henrietta stole Myrna’s chance at stardom and Myrna’s picturing just how she can make Henrietta’s life a LIVING HELL!

    3. Betcha that when somebody gives enough of a shit to mention to Henrietta that she maybe missed a few notes, that Henrietta’s just plumb FULL of advice and criticism for other, GODLESS LIBRUL singers and how they’re jes’ a-ruinin’ the pipes that Jeebus gave ’em, singin’ that there hippie-hop trash – Instead of taking a closer look at her own failures. The rot runs deep AND wide, methinks…

      1.   Maybe he’s on tour today somewhere in the Midwest playing Donny revival gigs with a middle Marie look-alike.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks it’s in bad taste to poke fun at this?  Sorry to be a downer, but I’d hate to see BoingBoing turn into another peopleofwalmart or some such.

      1. I’m not sure if that woman’s drunk, or if she’s had a minor stroke.  Met a few little ol’ ladies who sound like that all the time.

        I mean, she’s more likely feelin’ the spirit from the communion wine, so hey, let’s keep making fun of people we feel superior to.

        EDIT: Just looked these people up, she’s been dead for 18 years. Hope I can enunciate that well after nearly two decades of decay.

        1. But I don’t think “poking fun” and “making fun” are the only ways of having fun with it.

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