Anne Frank, Belieber


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  1. alex4point0 says:


    edit: I think the Fuhrer would have been more interested in Mr Bieber to help mobilise the Hitlerjugen. Godwinning this good and early

  2. Manny says:

    I wish she had had a proper chance to be a normal girl with a normal silly safe infatuation.

    • RustyTrawler says:

       Yes, this!

      Of course Bieber is egotistical and clueless. But despite himself, he’s right in realizing that Anne Frank was just a regular person, not a dusty historical curiosity. A regular person who was extinguished, like millions of other regular people, for no reason.

      • Capital_7 says:

         Bieber’s just saying what we’re all thinking.

        That said, what a clueless, graceless, self absorbed asshole. 

        • Sigmund_Jung says:

          Don’t expect every 19-year old to come ready with the proper perspective about everything. We might know all we can about Anne Frank and the Holocaust, but he is just discovering it. Remember all stupid things you’ve done while growing up? Now think they are all public for everyone to criticise. He is not a child, and has probably had experiences I’ll never have — but let the guy grow up.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            …but let the guy grow up.

            That’s not going to happen. In order to grow up, you have to have real life experiences that help you to gain perspective, learn coping skills, etc. He hasn’t had any real life experiences since he was 14 years old because he has “people” who make sure that that doesn’t happen.

            He is never going to grow up. He is never going to develop any kind of character or social skills or empathy because he’s insulated from all the stimuli that cause that to happen. Like Michael Jackson, he will spend the rest of his life as a characterologically defective man-baby.

          • Cowicide says:

            It was supposed to go to a picture of Ron Howard, don’t know wtf happened..  Anti-Bieber forces working against me?  I think so!

          • Sigmund_Jung says:

            Mickael Jackson didn’t have tweeter and blogs, and the whole internet pointing out his mistakes. Welcome to global cyberparenting.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            Mickael Jackson didn’t have tweeter and blogs, and the whole internet pointing out his mistakes.

            He had television news magazines. The internet didn’t fill a void; it just replaced old garbage with new garbage.

          • dculberson says:

             I dunno, another Justin whose superstar career started super early – Timberlake – seems to have turned out pretty well.  We won’t know for sure for a long time yet but overall he (Timberlake) seems like a pretty grounded guy for someone that grew up in the spotlight.  Maybe once Bieber gets past the teenage narcissistic years he’ll smooth out too.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            But Justin Timberlake never acted like a mindless, narcissistic prat. There weren’t run-ins with the law, run-ins with the neighbors, run-ins with the paparazzi, run-ins with the Department of Monkey Quarantine. Justin Bieber is a stain on humankind and it’s time to get the OxiClean.

          • Gary61 says:

            I agree w/ Antinous – I thinks the Beebs has a really good chance of being really f*cked up as he gets older.
            What’s he gonna do next – hang out at that huge statue of Buddha in Asia and tell everyone that Buddha would have really been a Belieber?
            Jeez, kid – the world does NOT revolve around you and your stupid pop songs.

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    • euansmith says:

      Apparently her unexpurgated diary shows her as being a very normal girl with a normal girl’s interested in romance and… cough… cough… you know… don’t make me spell it out…

  3. tré says:

    She was a thirteen year old girl who spent most of her time in her room. If my sister is any example, she would have been all about Taylor Swift.

  4. agonist says:

    Christ, what an ego.

  5. Rider says:

    Alt.rock namedrop fail.  Totally should have said Neutral Milk Hotel instead of Radiohead. 

  6. SedanChair says:

    Yes Justin, I’m sure that’d have been her first priority.

  7. On the wall of her room, Anne Frank pasted photos of the cinematic stars of the time.   Mr. Bieber’s comments illustrate an increasingly self-important and ego-centric personality.   Quel dommage.    

  8. hypnosifl says:

    Somehow I am reminded of the Mr. Show Trip to Europe sketch…

  9. ymr049c says:

    “If anyone ever asks you if you want to punch Justin Bieber in the face, the answer is yes.”

  10. Hans Reiter says:

    That picture is awesome.

  11. Cowicide says:

    I have to wonder about people who religiously bash on Justin Bieber, get high on their horse-ass pedestal and mock his gaffs…

    What great quotes and/or actions could we garner from YOU when you were a teenager, motherfuckers?

    Especially after the vapid American celebrity buildup/takedown machine has gotten ahold of you at a young age, infected your brain and made you insane.

    Leave Justin alone.

    • vonbobo says:

      Yup. There is real and honest hate in the world, but chasing after bieber with internet torches and pitchforks is dumb.

      •  The thing I don’t get about the intense Bieber- loathing that goes on is that there have always been vapid pop stars that cater to the hormonally imbalanced teen market.  Ok, occasionally we’ve gotten lucky with a Beatles or a Stones, but the vast majority of teen pop music has been along the lines of Bieber, the Osmonds, Take Take, and so on.  Surely the rational response would be to go “Well, I’m not exactly the target audience for this, so I’ll just ignore it – it’s no skin off my nose.”

        • fireshadow says:

           I think part of the problem is that he seems to think that he is much much more than a pop artist and deserves critical acclaim for his music.

    • I’m not sure if you’re joking (due to your last remark, “Leave Justin alone”), or if you’re serious…

      I’m his age, born the same year. I hate his guts and I hate his music. I have my reasons (and no, not due to jealousy, which is what reason most assume people’s hatred for him is). It is because of his massive ego. It is obvious how self-infatuated he is.

    • Daneel says:

      On the subject of teenagers saying things teenagers say:

      That said, there’s an easy solution; he buggers off, the media stops reporting on everything he does, everyone’s a winner.

    • Funk Daddy says:

       gaffes are for mocking.

      I would put here a formula representing how a frequently a gaffe is mocked taking into account the number of times it is repeated and by whom but I am excessively lazy and do not know any math.

    • Marc Mielke says:

      I don’t feel any particular hate for the guy, but jeez…not cool, dude. You don’t have to spend your entire life on-message. 
      (Not a fan of his music, but if Laibach covered it I might change my mind.)

      • Cowicide says:

        You don’t have to spend your entire life on-message.

        What was my message?  Seriously, tell me.  I don’t know.

        • Marc Mielke says:

          In Bieber’s case, self-promoting. In your case, I dunno you, but here’s an example: 
          Say you worked for Coke and spent all your off-hours talking up Coke and pushing the brown stuff onto other people and relating everything in life to Coke; “Had she lived, Anne Frank would choose Coke Zero.”
          That kind of living for your job is not healthy. And will make you kind of an asshole. 

          (And really, Anne would’ve had no choice but to drink Fanta.)

    • bzishi says:

      Especially after the vapid American celebrity buildup/takedown machine has gotten ahold of you at a young age, infected your brain and made you insane.

      Leave Justin alone

      That sounds like all the more reason not to leave him alone. I know that he is young and famous, but that doesn’t have to mean that he is also stupid. He just left a note at the residence of a child who was murdered saying that he hoped she would have been a fan. There was no reflection whatsoever on his part on the horrors that she lived and why her story is so important. And until Justin figures that out, people should give him hell. It is an important lesson to learn and it will make him a better human being when he learns it.

    • Joshua Paul Harding says:

      You make a good point about the American celebrity machine, it’s pretty ridiculous. Personally I think a lot of the time when people target a celeb for insult, a good part of that hate is really intended for the system itself. Trashing Beiber is just a more tangible way to get a reaction than saying, hollywood is dumb ect.  I’m not a fan of his but I’m just glad it wasn’t RayWilliamJohnson who made the crossover from YT 

    • tré says:

      I’m gonna go ahead and make the call that I wasn’t THAT stupid at 19 (about two years ago). I was stupid, sure, but not “this visit to Anne Frank’s house should be about me” stupid. Not “I’m just like Kurt Cobain” stupid. Not “everything happens for a reason including rape” stupid.

    • teapot says:

      Your link above done gummed up the tubes. Somehow a Paragraph tag ended up in there…. I’m guessing an accidental tap of the ol’ enter key before the closing “

      • Cowicide says:

        Looks like imgur changed some things internally and my custom uploading and link generating script broke because of it. Oh, well. It’s fixed now.

  12. Mitchell Glaser says:

    Do AnneDroids dream of electronic Beebs?

  13. jennybean42 says:

    I saw this on my facebook and totally thought someone had been fooled by an Onion article. 

  14. gothicgeek says:

    What a crass little turd!


    Not sure as a teenager I could have been that stupid, I mean I was stupid, and odd and had the social skills of custard but FFS!



  15. Nimrod Regev says:

    Christ, what an asshole!

  16. CoreyShaughnessy says:

    Are you kidding me? She would have been a Neutral Milk Hotel fan. That’s not even an option.

    Edit: Oh god dammit. Someone beat me to it.

  17. oschene says:

    Oh, I think she would rather have listened to Human Sexual Response’s “Anne Frank Story.”

    • Mitchell Glaser says:

      Human Sexual Response! Now there’s a band I haven’t though of in a while. How well I remember their hit “I Want To Be Jackie Onassis”. And “Butt Fuck” was a classic.

  18. Ramone says:

    He’s just making up for lost time in his studies. (He was, after all, the kid who didn’t know what “German” was.)

  19. rocketpj says:

    That comment was almost certainly left by his publicist, or whoever it is that defines his image to the world.  It was not meant for us, it was meant for his fans, and they would likely agree.

    There is an endless parade of lightweight pop stars.  He is about 1 year away from deciding he wants to get serious, making some kind of effort at a real album and then vanishing or (for a small fraction) gaining traction as an actual artist.  Or he will go James Dean.  And all the haters here and elsewhere will easily apply the same loathing to the next star.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Lindsay Lohan has proven that you can continue to fuck up indefinitely with no real consequences, as long as you produce income.

      • Marc Mielke says:

        Come to think: how DOES Lohan produce income? She hasn’t done a whole lot since she started her extended breakdown and I can’t imagine anyone casting her; even if they wanted to, could they get insurance? 

  20. lsamsa says:

    I’ve been 19. I know that I & anyone else my age would never have thought of trivializing Anne Frank by comparing ourselves to her or to inserting ourselves into her life.
    Justin is a good kid with some talent.
    To have everything & everyone revolve around you is a problem.
    Someone close to him needs to remind him that it really isn’t ‘all about him’.

  21. Beanolini says:

    He stayed more than an hour in the museum.

    Almost everyone else who visits will spend longer than that queueing.

  22. ocker3 says:

    I wonder if he was trying, in his twisted by fame way, to say “I would have liked her, I hope she would have liked me.” 

    • Roose_Bolton says:

      You know, I’m going to go ahead and believe this..

    • ando bobando says:

      I think you’re correct. And has anyone ever tried to sign a guestbook at a museum? It’s like, what the heck are you supposed to write? It’s as awkward as signing a good-bye card for a coworker. My friend works at a museum and she takes pictures of people’s awkward guestbook signings sometimes. The best one was “Reason for visiting us today?” “Parents made us.”

    • Humbabella says:

      I agree that this is overblown.  He didn’t know that the museum was going to broadcast this, after all, so he might have just written down what he was thinking.  And he might have been thinking that he would have rather she grew up paying attention to things like his music than things like Nazi death camps.

      Maybe other people here know him better and have more context to analyze his behaviour.  To me, I really can’t see why this was such a terrible thing to do.

  23. studiosteve says:



  24. Valerie Bernstein says:

    Bieber needs to get his head out of his ass.

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