Big pictures of small change


Artist Martin John Callanan and the Advanced Engineered Materials Group at the UK's National Physical Laboratory used an infinite 3D optical microscope to capture 400 million pixel images of the lowest denomination coin from many currencies. "The Fundamental Units"


  1. As a numismatist I could see this potentially being used for some serious grading. Although really what I’d like to see is some side-by-side comparisons of uncirculated and circulated coins.

  2. Australia’s lowest denomination coin is no longer the 1c (the one with the adorable feather-tail glider on it shown on the left of the fourth photo on the linked site) but the 5c. We did away with the 1c and 2c coins in 1992.

    1. Canada did the same thing. I have several Australian 1c’s in my collection and love the feather-tail glider. I’m sorry to hear it’s been discontinued.

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