Big pictures of small change


7 Responses to “Big pictures of small change”

  1. Kevin Pierce says:

    I’d have preferred uncirculated coins.

  2. Ron Bowes says:

    What, no Canada? :(

  3. Christopher says:

    As a numismatist I could see this potentially being used for some serious grading. Although really what I’d like to see is some side-by-side comparisons of uncirculated and circulated coins.

  4. Paulo Seguel says:

    Great, one chilean peso pic!

  5. Frank Gatica says:

    with one chilean peso. yo can buy…. nothing¡ 

  6. Rob Whyte says:

    Australia’s lowest denomination coin is no longer the 1c (the one with the adorable feather-tail glider on it shown on the left of the fourth photo on the linked site) but the 5c. We did away with the 1c and 2c coins in 1992.

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