Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum - exclusive video tour


5 Responses to “Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum - exclusive video tour”

  1. Lee Keeler says:

    When I see Caitlin McGurk I hear Dream Weaver in my head like in Wayne’s World. That is all. 

    • Yep, if I ever actually met a woman who spoke so lovingly and passionately about comic books the way she does, I would probably blurt out “marry me” before I even knew what I was doing

  2. Daemonworks says:

    Haven’t been to this one, but I did get out to the Japanese equivalent, the Kyoto International Manga Museum. Using their research room and the material only accessible through it was amazing.

    • Boundegar says:

      Yea, I’ll believe America has the world’s largest collection when Japan admits defeat.

      • Ebony Murphy says:

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