One photographer's obsession with a collapsing grain silo


4 Responses to “One photographer's obsession with a collapsing grain silo”

  1. BillStewart2012 says:

    That was wonderful!

    And the silo probably does leak like a Frank Gehry building :-)

  2. Snig says:

    Used to work next to a barn that was leaning almost at a 45 degree angle, was the lines of it forming a parallelogram.  Kept meaning for weeks to get a picture of it, but a storm took it out first. 

  3. Sparg says:

    Almost killed myself jumping from a silo like that.  Home on leave, partying with friends, “Hey, watch this!”

  4. eldueno says:

    Here is the perfect example of Alabama’s top things to do. I wish I were there.

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