One photographer's obsession with a collapsing grain silo

The Fox is Black: "In a video from the Oxford American, [photographer Timothy Hursley] describes how his fascination with the silo began. He compares the form of he silo to the work of Frank Gehry, and even explains how he eventually purchased the silo for himself. If you live in a rural area, it may change the way you look at your surroundings, or it may make you wonder how many other silos are on the brink of collapse and will spend the rest of their days rusting in a scrap yard."


  1. Used to work next to a barn that was leaning almost at a 45 degree angle, was the lines of it forming a parallelogram.  Kept meaning for weeks to get a picture of it, but a storm took it out first. 

  2. Almost killed myself jumping from a silo like that.  Home on leave, partying with friends, “Hey, watch this!”

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