Don't miss Love & Rockets' Gilbert Hernandez's slideshow tour

Love & Rockets co-creator Gilbert Hernandez is on tour to promote his sublime Marble Season graphic novel (it's an all-ages story). Peggy Burns of Drawn & Quarterly (the book's publisher), had this to say:

As soon as Gilbert sent us his list of images for his MARBLE SEASON tour slide show, it took EVERYTHING in us to not immediately blog or tweet to tease all the great comics. And since Gilbert is half way done with his tour, and I got to see him do the slide show last night, I'll tease you this Little Archie page. Why? Because Gilbert made the astute point that "old ladies were running it in those days, and where are the old ladies now [in pop culture]?" And he remarked, can you imagine a kids comics with two old ladies on the same page? As someone who will admit to worrying about how comics will treat her when she is an old lady, I loved it.

Gilbert Hernandez's Marble Season tour schedule


  1. Looks like the tour is skipping over Philly. It is a shame the Love and Rockets tour was really fun to see.

  2. I love that panel with little Archie in foreground looking back at Miss Grundy. It’s a classic Archie Comics frame: two people having a ‘face to face’ conversation while both face the ‘camera’

  3. Based on the facts that Miss Grundy looks exactly the same age as in the regular Archie comics, and that I’ve never read any of the young Archie comics, I conclude that the mysterious stranger speaking in the last panel must be Doctor Who, and that the rest of the comic is about Archie’s travels with the Doctor, originally to see pterodactyls, but then including adventures with Cybermen, Daleks, and Sontarins, and ending with Archie returning the next day (Riverdale time) now a young man in his late teens. 

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