Then-and-now photos of Disney Parks from early days and today

A monster photo-post from Imagineering Disney compares vintage shots of the Disney parks with contemporary shots. The only thing more remarkable than the dramatic shifts in some of these shots is the total lack of change in others. I'm particularly relieved by the restraint showed in modding the Tiki Room, which was born in a state of near-total grace and has remained thus ever since.

THEN AND NOW Photo Collection (via The Disney Collector)


  1. I think most “Now” are superior.
    There’s been quite a few changes—But I think most have been for the better; (except the Tiki room; which thankfully self destructed not too long ago).
    I do miss the sky buckets.

  2. Here’s a story Cory might like:
    In the mid 70’s my Mother and her Sister took a vacation to Disney–we all stayed at the Polynesian. But Mom and Her Sister’s luggage was lost (thanks Eastern!)
    For the first night they only had their clothes on their back.
    But, Being children of the Depression and Children of a Seamstress. They took the floral print bed sheets off the beds..and fashioned them into “moo moo” dresses–borrowing safety pens from front desk and and asking for flowers from the displays.

    Using flowers from the garden displays..and the bed sheets they where ready for dinner and a show. The CastMembers loved it because they knew the sheets used in the rooms where the ones these two people where wearing to dinner.

      1.  I really wished I had the photos…there were a few..but time and loss of the house etc. Well, maybe my sister has them. It was very mid 70’s and our second trip to WDW.

  3. I agree with Roy Disney about Tomorrowland.  

    Everything looks wonderful… until you get to Tomorrowland.  

    Aaaaaaaarrrrrghh!  Holy crap.  What the hell were they thinking (other than, “This will be cheaper and keep all those damn kids out of the park!”)?

    Breaks my heart.

    1. I was really disappointed when they removed the bat-eared spire things from Tomorrowland in Florida — that was my favorite architectural feature in the whole park.

      “If You Had Wings” had much better music than “Dreamflight” too.

  4. I think one of the neatest things is seeing the small sapling trees that are now great big majestic trees.

    1. Damn. And here I was and wanted to post “I like how they replaced the mangy trees with really good ones.” 

  5. It is interesting that all the really big differences are in Tomorrowland. 
    The future has changed.

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