Rumor: Gold iPhone rumored [Rumor]

Let me be the nearly the first to say Steve would never have allowed this, even if in fact he demanded it for years and the entire organization had to adopt an incredibly tense and dangerous set of procedures to allow him to think that one was in development without it ever actually being manufactured, including but not limited to the ostentatious hiring of a top executive from a rival tech company solely for the purpose of making Steve think it was happening, who ultimately "failed" and was "fired" to smooth out Steve's meat, while a fake scandal about antenna problems was placed in the media to smooth out our meat. But now a final promise must be upheld, an utterance honored from the threshold of the New Life: "That's how we get them, Jony. The gold iPhone! The holdouts. The insane ones. The oil wives and Russian drug dealers. We have to make tools for these kinds of people."