Learn To Say F**k You To The World (animated short)

Boing Boing pal Syd Garon points us to this cool retro animation Aaron Rose did for the Los Angeles MOCA. Rose says:
I just finished a new animated film with my friend Thomas McMahan. Called "Learn To Say F**k You To The World" It's based on the writings of Sol Lewitt and features an original song made for the movie by Tim Armstrong from Rancid. In 1965, Sol LeWitt wrote fellow sculptor Eva Hesse a four-page letter of encouragement, urging her to stop doubting herself and to simply continue making her work. Tim took Lewitt's words and put them to music, then we painstakingly researched particular works of art to animate.


5 Responses to “Learn To Say F**k You To The World (animated short)”

  1. Achim Scarlat says:

    Cool video… the animation was the best part(at least what I think of it).
    Sorry if I didn’t see it yet but do you have a Facebook page?

  2. Jardine says:

    Why censor the word Fuck as F*ck in the subtitles but leave the audio intact? Fuck you world!

  3. Kolonel Blip says:

    i think this one is a much better version (animation by Levni Yilmaz): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqZAxLqJkzA

  4. gumbowing says:

    I’m kind of disappointed. I thought the song was going to teach me how to say f**k you in many different languages.

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