In Japan, a new hairdo idea: "Ripe Tomato"

Brian Ashcraft at Kotaku blogs about a neat idea for a hair style from a stylist in Japan. It's called "Ripe Tomato" ("kanjuku tomato" or 完熟トマト), and was created by "Hiro" at a salon in Osaka called "Trick Store", in the trendy Amemura district. Read: You'll Never Forget Japan's Tomato Hairdo.


  1. Oh Japan…  I think you do these things just to see if idiots in UK and US will. And… they will.

    I have to say though, if that is real hair and not weave… I want to know how they lighten black hair that much without ruining it. I could not get my light brown/dark blonde hair to be the pale grey-blonde I wanted without destroying it. 

    Clearly there are superior bleaches in use here, or that is not human hair.

      1. Really? That might explain it. My hair is mostly blonde except for a few darker strands. 

        I dealt with it by dying it black for years… eat that blonde hair!

  2. Wow. Hope she has a large hairspray/gel budget! Or else it’s great for Christmas?

  3. not bad…but if I was young. and female. and in Japan…

    I would forgo this tomato and bust out with a orangy-yellow persimmon and drive the locals wild.

  4. Holy shit, that’s my buddy’s salon, we’re not even a block apart in Amemura!
    Certainly wasn’t expecting to see it on BB this morning! Awesome!
    If you click through, you can see some of he and his staff’s other works as well.

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