Mall of America welcomes 72,000 ladybugs

"The Bloomington, Minn., mall, which is so huge it could hold seven Yankee Stadiums, also has more than 30,000 live plants, including about 400 trees, which act as natural air purifiers for the indoor mall. But aphids -- the pesky insects that feed on plants -- thrive inside the Mall of America's many landscaped areas." [Discovery]


    1. Ah, hell. I hit the wrong comment section. Meant to comment here:

  1. Our house was painted yellow, with a broad section facing S/SW, bathed in the fall sunshine.  The ladybugs found every crack in the windows and doors to invite themselves in for the winter, thousands and thousands of them crawling across the walls and/or congregating in the corners.  We were constantly accidently crushing them.  It was years before the memory of the smell faded… 72,000 is a whole lotta stink.

    ‘Oh, but they’re a gardeners friend!’  Agreed, and if you see them out of doors, leave them be, they have an important job to do.  Thousands of them indoors? – not so much.

      1. I’ve seen one live gecko in my life.  It was while vacationing in Hawaii.  I got up in the middle of the night to pee and flipped on the light.  The gecko was facing off on the mirror with the biggest fucking cockroach I’d ever seen.  How many cockroaches had I see up to that point? – that one, and it was a whopper.  I let out an ear-piercing screech.  No one on the mirror so much as blinked, but my husband suddenly appeared next to me.  We watched the stand-off for a few minutes and went back to bed.  He went back to sleep.  I stayed awake and watched the sun come up.  I didn’t have to pee again for hours.

  2. I have at least 72,000 ladybugs I’d be more than willing to donate to the cause. They invade my home every winter. It’s all fun and games until one crawls into your ear while you’re sleeping!

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