TikToker shows bugs crawling under plastic of frozen Walmart pizza — can this be real? (video)

Trader Joe's might not be the only one having issues with their packaged frozen food products. A TikToker recently opened a frozen pizza box from Walmart to reveal bugs crawling around underneath the plastic wrap. Of course she turned on her camera to share the appetizing surprise.

"Oh, my god! There's bugs in my pizza, bro. Do you see that?" she said, showing us a party of small insects underneath what appears to be the unopened plastic packaging of a Marketside Buffalo Chicken Pizza. "Oh, what the fuck? Oh, my. Oh, no. We got a problem." Gross, yes! But real? I'm not so sure.

Can these insects really survive freezing temperatures, and then just pop back into an animated state as soon as they are exposed to a warmer environment? Or is this just a social media stunt? I found this on Daily Dot, who says they reached out to both Walmart and 216daidai, who posted this (see video below), but presumably hadn't yet received a response. Either way, it's a fun watch, if creepy is your thing.

Front page thumbnail image: Zapylaiev Kostiantyn / shutterstock.com