Today is the anniversary of LSD inventor/discoverer Albert Hofman's death (*epilepsy warning)

TIP: mouseover to animate; don't mouseover if you have photosensitive epilepsy.

Five years ago today, the man who first synthesized Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) died at 102 years old. There's an informative Wikipedia article here, and the Albert Hofman Foundation website is here. The 5-year anniversary is the one where you take 5 tabs.


  1. Godspeed, Dr. Hoffman. You truly went where no one had gone before.  I, for one, had my life changed by what you discovered.  I thank you. 

  2. Oh, wow.  It’s NOT a cat, man…well, I mean it IS a cat, but like, it’s like also a BUTTERFLY, man! I mean, look at the SHAPE man, it’s like the CAT is also a BUTTERFLY. Man.

    1. Garbage in, garbage out.

      But if you make like the natural philosophers of yore and follow your nose, soaking up all the most relevant clues to the nature of reality, your subconscious on acid can connect a whole bunch of dots for you and totally. blow. your. mind.

      Sometimes when I trip, I can start to see the fractal nature of reality around me writ large, and it’s like a key to infinity… and IMO anyone who has experienced such is pretty likely to find your frivolous comment to be an insulting bit of straw-manning… man.

  3. Just so you know, in the RSS feed the non-animated version and the animated one are both displayed. Makes the epilepsy warning a little pointless. :(

  4. You have to “mouse over” the cats to animate, man.  YOU HAVE TO MOUSEOVER MAN!  MOUSEOVER!  *grabs shoulders, starts shaking on each syllable*

  5. Coincidentally, Hoffman started his experiment with self-administration on the now famous ‘bicycle day’ at 4:20 in the afternoon…

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