TOM THE DANCING BUG: Hollingsworth Hound - "The Sequester and YOU"

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Hollingsworth Hound explains the Sequester, and YOU! HOW CAN YOU NOT join the prestigious and exclusive INNER HIVE, and get Tom the Dancing Bug, by @RubenBolling, emailed to you at least a day before publication? Also: more!

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  1. Maybe Lucky was a furloughed air traffic controller who got to keep getting paid when HH made his call?


  2. Always goes to show politicians don’t give a shit unless it directly affects them. It’s just like the old joke of having all the drug companies CEO’s in the same room and giving them AIDS. Somehow a cure is discovered 10 mins later.

    1. Not just politicians, most “comfortable” Americans don’t give a shit either, and you will often see that illustrated in BB comments. Working poor and struggling are priced out of flying for anything but the most rare occasions, which is why you see such uproar over flight delays, TSA etc.

      1. “Priced out?” What? You speak like cheap airfare is just a matter of waving a wand and watching the prices drop. 

        There’s a ton of overhead to getting a plane in the air and travelling several hundred miles an hour.. given all the financial problems that existing airlines have, I’d suggest that even current prices are too low. 

        Such travel should remain a luxury, I really don’t want to live in a world where people treat hopping on a plane like going out for ice cream.. there’s enough air pollution out there already.

          1. By all means, let us raise the price of air travel to where it’s readily available to only the 1%, or, perhaps being generous, the 5%.

            Damn those serfs, always trying to ape the behaviors of their betters.

          2. That would be a measure of “Austerity, Bitch” that would be preferable to cutting social services.

            But as you see it went the other way.

        1. Fear not! America hath a robust and reliable railway system that shall obliterate commercial air travel in our time!

      2. The demographics of BoingBoing are going to skew heavily towards those who can browse the web on their work computers while getting paid, unfortunately.

        More deeply, though, it’s very hard for the average person to really pay much attention to too many of anyone else’s problems. Someone’s annoyance at the TSA is nothing compared to the trouble someone below the poverty line has in getting health care for their sick child, but it hard for them to focus on, and empathize with, that and every other trouble for more than the occasional moment.

        At least many people can empathize with the plight of strangers, even if just some of the time. Some (Republican representatives) really only care when it affects them or a family member directly.

    1.  I am having a more and more difficult time laughing. Even Lucky Ducky, it seems, can no longer stand Hollingsworth.

  3. I’m really happy for you folks who think airfare is too cheap and that flying is overused and abused. Perhaps you’d like to tell those of us with families in South America or other overseas locations the most energy efficeint way to visit our loved ones. I guess I could walk but I’m a bit old for such a journey. Couldn’t really get there and back in my 2-3 weeks off. Maybe I should just forget the family and consentrate on how wonderful it must feel for people who can afford to see their grandkids.

    1. Skype? Nobody’s denying that cheap air travel is a very nice thing from a personal point of view even if it’s a disaster ecologically. But throughout history people who moved even a few hundred miles from home dealt with the fact that other than the occasional letter, they wouldn’t have any contact with those left behind. Now we can live on different continents and still see each other through video conferencing on a daily basis. And yes, servers use energy, but not nearly as much on a per person basis as do planes.

    2. It would be nice if flying was cheap, and it would be nicer if trains were more viable. If you’re feeling bad, maybe consider that some things in the sequester are literally making people homeless.

  4. Perhaps you have never been along the banks of the Amazon River and don’t know how poverty and lack of infrastructure limit those Skype or even basic email opportunities. And somehow the hug from a 8 year old loses a lot online. Given the state of our immigration policy they have about zero chance of moving or even visiting here.
    I’m aware of the damage done to the environment from a lot of sources. That adds weight to visits there because these guys will either grow up nuturing and respecting their home or cutting it down for a tiny bit of profit to them. It justs irks me to read such a blanket condemnation of travel that serves to connect people. Could the airlines be pressured into using a more efficeint fleet of planes? Pricing travel out of the means of poor folks will still allow the rich to do what they want.  

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