Guatemala: state of siege declared as Army, police crack down after protests against Canadian-owned mine


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  1. I hope the army doesn’t use it to derail Rios Montt genocide trial.

    But usually I expect too much…

  2. LogrusZed says:

    That LAV looks shopped, you can tell by the pixels. 

  3. Nadreck says:

    Ah, good ol’ Canada’s back at it with the indigenous types again.  If we’re not wiping out the their local ecology with one of our mining operations, we’re blasting away with the UN troops in Haiti and if we’re not doing that we’re busy forgetting to supply potable drinking water to our own “semi-autonomous homelands”.

    It’s why we like to spend so much time hammering other people’s foreign and domestic policies: keeps the attention away from us.

    • wysinwyg says:

      I’m sure the US elite is quite proud of our northern neighbors.  You’ve come a long way, baby!

  4. Mitchell L says:

    Canada, my home, what the fuck are you doing?

  5. TheThinker1958 says:

    is well know that mining companies destroy communities by contaminating water supplies. Then they leave and nobody can continue living in the area. Isn’t this self-defence? 

    • syncrotic says:

       Well-known? Or just widely-believed?

      Well known by whom? Citation needed.

      • wysinwyg says:

        You can start here.  Or if that isn’t rigorous enough for you try here.  Or if you’re lazy just read this.

        “Citation needed” isn’t a very clever response when you don’t take the two seconds required to see if there are actually any such citations.

        • as if he cared…….paid employees of the investors.another for the criminal court and the gallows.hung them all ,to see if anyone else will have the apetite to steal gold from a nation.#greece #skouries #frenchminingcompanies 

        • syncrotic says:

          Your summary paper is from 1988, and linking to google searches is condescending and counter-productive.

          In order to take these protesters seriously, I’d have to see some evidence that there’s water contamination resulting in adverse health or ecological effects, in this case.

          Science, not fear, and not ideological opposition to resource extraction, needs to drive these debates. Sadly, it never does.

  6. Ian Scott Osborne says:

    So those meeting at PSCAIS are trying to maintain their monopoly on drug trafficking and terrorism, is that the agenda?

  7. Kyle Sarrasin says:

    I’m not so conceited as to think that you would care, Xeni, but it is refreshing to see some good, fact based reporting anywhere on the internet (or anywhere period, these days), and this, as well as the Montt coverage, has changed my (unwarranted) opinion of you as a blogger and journalist. Keep up the good work!

  8. Marios P. says:

    I wonder why the pixelated camouflage works better than the patched one on the vehicle.

  9. Andrew Walsh says:

    Nothing so far on this from mainstream Canadian media.

  10. wysinwyg says:

    Charge them with Conspiracy to Disrupt Capitalism. If they were good consumers citizens they’d be drinking bottled water anyway.


  11. Another Canadian compsany has taken over the goldmine at #skouries in #Greece and the same things happen there.people get terrorised by the company bullies and the police ,attacked,arrested,tortured,trialed.but they are stilll resisting ,even without a lot of support from the rest of the citizens who are kept in the dark fro our goverment .All the goverment cares about today is to sell all the assets of the greek state to the capitalists and the ploutocrats.they sold the greek mine for 7 million euro ,and the expected output is around 10 billion….so excpept from the pollution is also a they took reserves that had been excavated before costing another 2 billion euros(in gold all this )..I say these companies need to find what they are looking for ………exspecially the people that direct them and run them.if they get out ,who is going to do the dirty work?when everyone will know that working for the perverts and helping them mine ,will get a person dead.This is the only language these people hit them when and where you can.act smart,do not engage with them in the presence of the army or the police ,they will kill you on behalf of the ivestors….as if they are a private army that serves the busineess man not the people.i say hit them ever ay you can.police army ,rich all are the enemy.the peoples …

  12. I smell CIA involvement…just like before. And totally meant to derail the Rios Montt trial, which the US would prefer just go away, because of their involvement.

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