Casio Pathfinder Solar Atomic Watch

I’ve owned a Casio Pathfinder Solar Atomic series watch for about 5 years. The best things about it: 1) it’s solar powered (I don’t like replacing batteries) and 2) it’s linked to an atomic clock.

I only have to change the time zone when I travel, which can be done at the push of a button.

It's waterproof and does the things most digital watches do (alarms, stopwatch, etc.). It also has a compass, barometer, altimeter, and thermometer, all of which get used when I go backpacking. The compass gets used the most. The barometer is good for predicting weather changes.

I have one small gripe about this watch. It recently needed to be repaired because it displayed “OPEN” on the front. A metal plate inside had shifted. I was able to fix it easily with a PH000 screwdriver.

Its a very tough watch that has been through a lot. After 5 years I still enjoy it immensely. -- Carl Mixon

Casio PAW1100-1V Pathfinder Atomic Solar Watch $145


  1. If you want the solar atomic goodness in a watch that doesn’t look like an abomination on your wrist, check out the Casio MTG-1000. All the rugged G-Shock durability with it only being slightly (rather than outrageously) over the top.

    I’m a bit of a klutz and am good at slipping on ice. I’ve fallen directly on my wrist at least twice and it still looks good as new!

    1. I was going to say how amazing it was that someone’s made a watch uglier than the Gshock series, then I saw your post.

      It is better than I remember. This one looks like Timex’s Iron man and the original Gshock had baby.

    1. Worth to you? Probably nothing. To other? Probably even more.

      It’s not for me, but I don’t trek and I dislike wristwatches. But I can see the usefulness for some people.

      My wife, otoh, doesn’t even see the value of a simple cellphone, considering how often hers runs out of juice without being used and the 0€ bill we get each month.

    2. It ‘s always visible, as opposed to your phone, that’s in your pocket? I don’t know anyone with an active lifestyle who rock cllimbs or hikes with their cell phone in one hand. Your phone also doesn’t have a thermometer, and altimeter apps are notoriously inaccurate; they just pull the data based on your location.

    3.  It is an ABC watch: altimeter, barometer, compass, temperature, my guess is your cell phone does not do at least 3 of those natively.

    4. Depends on if you keep your phone in your pocket and like to know what time it is in social situations without having to obviously look like you want to know what time it is.  Depends on if you like to turn off your phone and go backpacking or something and have a more minimal way of having some of the same functions.

      If I recall, I paid around $50 for mine about six years ago, I doubt I’d pay $150 to replace it…

    1. I have the PAW1500T-7V, which is all matte gray and black, and with a ti wristband.

      I have large hands and forearms (I had to use all the extra wristband links they supplied) – the watch looks good and proportionate on my arm.

      It’s a very minor point, but Carl didn’t mention that the watch comes in a very nifty wooden box.

  2. I’ve got a PRG-550.  It’s also a Solar ABC watch.  No atomic time, but it’s got an analog face so a bit classier.  The compass function uses the sweeping second hand, it’s all kinds of awesome.

    Casio does make similar models that have the Atomic option, but they’re all quite a bit more expensive. 

  3. I was recently looking for watches that didn’t need to be set – and the Casio atomic seemed to be the only affordable solution. Unfortunately it is dependant on the location of the time signal transmitters, which don’t reach to Australia. Though evidently you might get lucky and sync to a Japanese transmitter occasionally if you live in a high rise on the Queensland/NSW coast.

  4. “The best things about it: 1) it’s solar powered (I don’t like replacing batteries) and 2) it’s linked to an atomic clock.”

    The reverse would be significantly cooler, though also significantly less useful.

    1. it’s linked to an atomic clock.

      Make sure not to wear it when you’re in a summoning circle.

  5. I looked at the coverage areas for radio synchronised watches when I wanted to buy one but it looked like I would have to fly to Japan to set the correct time.

  6. I suggest before you consider purchasing this plastic watch you visit r/watches at and consider that for a man a watch is one of the only acceptable piece of jewelry and you’d be much happier with an automatic watch in a classic style.

    1. What makes you think I’d be happier with decorative jewelry rather than a functional tool?

      Also, I’m not going to let a bunch of Reddiots dictate what is or isn’t acceptable to wear.

    2. I considered what I liked and just went with that.  It seemed like I knew what would make me much happier.

      I pretty much accept any kind of jewelry a man wants to wear that makes him happy, so apparently they wouldn’t want me around those parts.

  7. I love my Casio F-91W a.k.a “the terrorist watch”:
    Cheap, durable, long battery life, water resistant,  easily replaceable if I destroy or lose it and not-a-brick-on-a-wristband like most watches for men.

  8. That is the woman’s version. 

    The men version has an additional band saw, a homing device and a distillery option.

  9. “I was able to fix it easily with a PH000 screwdriver.”

    Just an FYI- You might have compromised the waterproofing when you did this; waterproof/resistant watches tend to have their backplates screwed into the back of the watch in a pressure vacuum chamber (the vacuum left inside the watch helps to keep the seal tight, preventing water from getting in). A good watch repairer will have a vacuum chamber for this task, or will send it off to a company that does.

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