Homemade Thor's hammer with an 80,000 volt Tesla coil in it

Not content with a "crappy plastic Thor's hammer," Caleb from Hackaday made himself a Tesla-coil-equipped Mjolnir with a tiny, 80,000 volt Tesla coil in its head. It shoots lightning! Lots of built photos on the Hackaday site, too.

I had seen some videos of [Staci Elaan] showing off her battery-powered coils and I really liked her results. I figured, with her experience, she could probably do a better job than I could on getting the most bang out of a small package. She was happy to be involved and delivered a small 12v powered coil for me to work with. I should also point out that the coils [Staci] makes are usually donated to educational groups. This woman is awesome.

She had built this big flat head on it, with the initial plan being that it would be the front “face” of the hammer. It didn’t really work out that way though. I ended up having to increase the size of the head a bit and change the orientation of the coil. I experimented with different types of foam and you can see in the “making of” video what I finally ended up using. The blue insulation board you see in the pictures melted way too easily.

High voltage Thor’s Hammer: Mjolnir at 80,000 volts


  1. What Martin just said; I too am more than mildly disappointed.  When I read “Thor’s Hammer,” “Tesla Coil,” and “80,000 volts,” I’m sort of expecting a lot more than an Uncle Fester bit.  I demand arcs of lightning!  Real giant bolts of lightning!

    It’s probably Command & Conquers’ fault.  Builds up the expectations, that game does.

  2. It’s an interesting little hack, but nowhere near as impressive an the title lead me to believe.

  3. I hate being a party pooper. But I suppose I wallow enough in my own self-hate to comment anyway.

    I wanted to see a hammer that smashed down and THEN burst out with lightining.
    Instead, we get a big foam* clicky-thing that has tiny sparks and can LOOK OUT LOKI I AM COMING FOR YOU illuminate fluorescent lights that are held within a foot.


    If you work with Tesla coils and stuff on a daily basis, you’re probably pretty impressed. It’s a small tesla coil, it’s all sort of other coolness!

    But it’s also like a computer programmer trying to show a radical algorithm to non-techie management. They are just not impressed with the non-visuals.

    *foam is not an issue. It looks pretty good.

    To make a long story short, this did not impress me, I think, because I do not know enough to be impressed.

    Now, if he slammed the foam hammer down and the pressure fired off a sonic canon THAT would impress me.

  4. All the disappointment of comments above, plus the extra disappointment of hearing him say that he basically bought the Tesla coil off someone else and stuck it foam. Boring!

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