Two months aboard an Antarctic ice breaker, condensed to 5 minutes

Here's an incredibly cool video showing the prow of a massive ice breaking ship as it plows through Antarctica's Ross Sea. The footage is sped up, to pack two months of travel into five minutes. But, unlike a lot of time-lapse videos, this one also has a really informative audio track, in which marine scientist Cassandra Brooks waxes poetic about the many different kinds of ice and explains why she and her team were out there, breaking through the stuff, to begin with.

Bonus: At the end, you get to see the absolute adorableness that is penguins on high-speed fast forward.

Via Deep Sea News


  1. Thanks for this. I had no idea research vessels could be so massive. Just look at it. Apparently that icebreaker can hold 37 scientists and 22 crew. That’s a lot of nerds.

    Also, where can I find some of those scenic photographs they took?

  2. Apparently two months of staring at sheet ice causes you to have a new definition for “glowing green”.

    1. The view outside a Ship at Sea at night is a wonderful thing. All of Heaven above is yours, and the Sea glows at Her touch.

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