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6 Responses to “Two months aboard an Antarctic ice breaker, condensed to 5 minutes”

  1. Graceless says:

    Thanks for this. I had no idea research vessels could be so massive. Just look at it. Apparently that icebreaker can hold 37 scientists and 22 crew. That’s a lot of nerds.

    Also, where can I find some of those scenic photographs they took?

  2. Ian McLoud says:


  3. GawainLavers says:

    Apparently two months of staring at sheet ice causes you to have a new definition for “glowing green”.

    • oasisob1 says:

      The view outside a Ship at Sea at night is a wonderful thing. All of Heaven above is yours, and the Sea glows at Her touch.

  4. capkavern says:

    There is also the kayak option:
    Required : french proxy
    Not required but recommended: understand French

  5. Boundegar says:

    What a lovely video.

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