Robert Crumb interviewed at Last Gasp Warehouse in San Francisco

John Longhi interviewed Robert Crumb at the Last Gasp warehouse in San Francisco. He talks about the time he took a dose of bad LSD that negatively affected his brain for months (maybe for life, he thinks). Even though it was a bad experience, his creativity went into overdrive.

Crumb also recommends the book, The Cotton Kingdom : a traveller's observations on cotton and slavery in the American slave states, by Frederick Law Olmsted. It's available as an ebook at


  1. I’m always confused what people mean when they speak of “a dose of bad LSD.”

    Does that mean that the LSD was contaminated with a by-product of the synth? If so, what was the chemical that was still active at so low a dosage level?

    Does it mean that it was regular LSD but the user took more than intended?

    Does it mean that the “LSD” wasn’t LSD at all, but something like DOI, DOB, or ALD-52 instead?

    After all, LSD is LSD, so if it’s “bad” doesn’t that suggest the problem substance is simply not LSD at all? It’s not like “a bad mushroom trip” where “mushroom” encompasses a whole kingdom of organisms – you could easily take the wrong kind, but all LSD is LSD, right?

    1. Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too.

      When Apperson et al. were busted a decade back for making most of the world’s acid, an interesting detail that emerged was they didn’t do a final purification step.  This left all kinds of traces of other chemicals and by-products in their drug (which made it easy for feds to “fingerprint” the batches).  But this wasn’t a serious health concern for users. Even if it was 50% strychnine or ricin or something, because of the minute doses involved, there shouldn’t be any noticeable physiological effects.

      I suspect either unusually high doses, people’s bad expectations, or some other mystery drug.  Was DOM/STP causing problems around that time?

      1. I concur with it being one of those pharmaceuticals vs. LSD.  They were known for lasting days and there were numerous accounts of experienced folks flipping out after a day or two of nonstop hard tripping

  2. Fredrick Law Olmstead is best known as the foremost American landscape architect of the 19th century, having designed Central Park, the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, the Biltmore estate near Asheville, etc. etc.

  3. man crumb is really getting up there. when he goes im going to have a hard time with it, and that’s more than i can say about any other “celebrity” that i can think of.

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