My Little Pony fans successfully register a 501(c)3 charity for fannish good works

The Brony Thank You Fund spun out of a Reddit forum Indiegogo fundraiser for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ("bronies" and "pegasisters"). After raising money to run an ad thanking the show's creators for doing such a great job, the organizers donated the hefty excess balance to Toys for Tots. The project continued to gain momentum and it is now a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization through which fans of My Little Pony can make tax-free donations that will be funneled to worthy causes. They claim that they're the first media-related fandom to register as a charity -- I'm pretty sure that some science fiction conventions are run as 501(c)3s, though.

The Thank You Fund Enters a New Phase (via /.)


  1. It’s not precisely the same situation, having more involvement from the media creators, but Child’s Play is basically a fandom charity

  2. get’em IRS get’em!   i think the political motivation here is pret-ty clear (pretty pony commie socio-fascist hippies anti-capitalistic pirates!!!) 

      1. Neither. It’s satire.

        Also, I wonder if these are the horse-shaped ponies, or the new improved tall slender ponies?

  3. “Good thing there was no mention of ‘Tea Love’ or ‘Party of One'” type comments in 3…2…1..

  4. The HP Alliance has been a 501c3 for many years – but this is still very wonderful!!

  5. It’s 20% more tax-deductible!

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week with my brony kids egging me on.

  6. Many conventions are 501(c)(3), but not public charities, which requires a higher bar. And we didn’t emerge out of Reddit, but out of the IndieGoGo fundraiser for the advertisement.


  7. They are wrong as far as 501(c)(3)s go – HPEF conventions are that, and was also an educational 501(c)(3). Archive of Our Own also is a registered nonprofit.

  8. Agreed, the Harry Potter folks got there first, and our hats are off to them. Our huge, pony-head-capable hats…


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