Mexitech 3D tortilla printer "miMasa3000" available soon

From el Pocho:

The tortilla printer, tentatively named the miMasa3000, is scheduled for a summer launch, with Molinero anticipating big Christmas sales in the fourth quarter.  No price has been set for the product, but analysts think it will be a hit if it comes in under $200.

“Who doesn’t want hot fresh tortillas at a push of the button?” BoingBoing Mexitech reporter Zenia Jardinera told PNS.  ”And Frida!  It’s a guin guin situation!”

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  1. I think this is a false tortilla operation….

    You *can* however use a laser engraver tor burn an image in a tortilla 

    1.  You found the image of His Noodliness hidden in a tortilla!  Proof!  Proof!  I weep tears!

  2. “Pocho Ñews Service PNS is a
    wholly-fictitious subsidiary of Pochismo, Inc., a California
    corporation, who is a person according to the Supreme Court.  Don’t ask
    us, we just work here.”

  3. I hate to be a sourpuss but I really don’t want faces on my tortillas.  I think that I’ll stick to using my two flat frying pans, butt-ended and pressed together, for my tortilla pressing.  (Unless…. we can print an Enterprise onto tortillas… then, I’m IN!)

  4. My God! The face of the Virgin Mary is on that tortilla! Quick, call the Golden Palace Casino!

  5. hahaha, is this real? Anyhow, “a fresh tortilla at the push of a button” already exists! Check out They actually even show their the machine in a video.

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