Woman smacks cop so she can go to jail and quit smoking

Sacramento's Etta Lopez apparently waited outside the Sacramento County Jail for a cop to emerge and then slapped him, so that she could be thrown into jail. She wanted to go to jail because she believed it would help her give up smoking.

According to deputies, Lopez knew she'd immediately be arrested, and slapped a cop to kick a habit. Lopez allegedly admitted she sat in front of the county jail for hours intent on assaulting an officer to get arrested and be put in jail, where she would be forced to stop smoking cigarettes.

"There's easier ways to stop smoking besides hitting a cop," Roger Spearman, a neighbour, said. The neighbour Lopez says she does smoke a lot, and they used to smoke together. "I have not heard of something like that before," Kimberly Bankston-Lee with the anti-smoking group Breathe California said. "If it led somebody to doing something like that to quit, that lets us know in the community that we have a real problem."

Woman accused of slapping police officer so she could be jailed and forced to stop smoking [Arbroath]

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      1. Not really, depends on the place. I know here there’s like none of that, they trade goods and services for things you can get from the commissary.  

  1. Yeah, not the best plan as it is, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who isn’t a white female.

  2. That’s got to be just about *the* dumbest way to quit smoking. Now she’ll have a felony charge following her for the rest of her life, but, hey at least she kicked that nasty habit, right? Sheesh.

    Though, given that train of thought, it wouldn’t be any surprise to find that she has underlying mental issues.

  3. Or she could have just done what I’m doing, Lozenges. It’s been working thus far quite well. Much better than patches or gums or whatever else. It’s like a slightly shittier Sucrettes. 

    Think this shows a severe disconnect with rational thought, mental issues. Only an insane person would hit a cop, get time in a shitty place, and rack up fines when one could blow like $35 for Lozenges that work pretty good.

  4. She’s obviously mentally ill. That said, the cop claimed he’d never been assaulted like that. In today’s world of military style police forces the cops are the ones who are heavily into assaulting innocent bystanders. 

  5. When someone asked me how cigarette smoking made me feel the best answer was “It makes you feel nervous when you’re not smoking.”

    It was kind of reasonable for her to want to be locked up without access to cigarettes during the initial withdrawal. I often wished for that in the years I struggled to quit. Many quit attempts started with me emptying all ashtrays and taking out the garbage and ended with me going back in the dumpster to retrieve my cigarette butts to smoke until I could get to the store for more cigarettes.

    Detox and rehab both involve confining people without access to the drug they are trying to get off. Why don’t we have rehab for cigarettes? It’s a serious addiction that kills people.

      1.  $5,500 (plus plane and transportation) for 8 days..  Not exactly in everybody’s budget.

        Was curious and one of the first results I got for another place was almost 30K for a month stay.

  6. Have you even asked a dentist about it? You would be surprised how kind a neighborhood dentist can be if you ask for help. 

    1. My dentist does major work for me at half price since I don’t have insurance.

  7. But did it work? Because the city could pass an ordinance making it a misdemeanor to, say, pronounce “Mxyzptlk” backwards. That way she wouldn’t have to hit anybody. Also, it’s pretty safe. There’s only one guy who ever pronounced “Mxyzptlk” backwards by accident, and he lives somewhere else.

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