Crazy guy with a gun shoots at Cannes film festival


7 Responses to “Crazy guy with a gun shoots at Cannes film festival”

  1. Engineer_ says:

    I need to start watching the news… I’m French and that’s the first time I’ve heard about this. 

  2. anon0mouse says:

    Crazy guy, eh?  Well done Clouseau! 

  3. unclezip says:

    It’s not a weapon, dumbasses.

  4. lilinski says:

    Argh, my TV signal’s been down for a couple of days. I’m normally around to watch that show on and off. Totally missed it live !

  5. what a crazy guy, what he think himself  “CRAZYMAN”

  6. James Penrose says:

    A starter pistol does not count as “armed” unless you plan to hit people over the head with it.

    Typical model (about halfway down he page):

    Note there is no possible way to actually *shoot* someone with one.

  7. Jon Jones says:

    Everybody run! The homecoming Cannes’ got a gun!

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