Who Said It: Rob "alleged cracksmoker" Ford, or Simpsons Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby?

Justin Peters at Slate.com says Toronto Mayor Rob Ford "most closely resembles" the mayor on TV's The Simpsons, Diamond Joe Quimby. "Both men are heavyset. Both are often at odds with constituents, colleagues, and the press. And both are prone to saying outrageous things in public. I’ve prepared a 20-question quiz of quotes from Ford and Quimby. Which mayor said which wildly inappropriate thing?"


  1. That was actually surprisingly difficult for me, even as someone who is a big supporter of Diamond Joe Quimby.

    1. People, coming together to help one another. I’m sorry, I have something in my eye. It’s just so…beautiful.

  2. I came to BB today specifically because there would be a Ford/Crack post.  But isn’t this Cory’s beat?

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