Bumblefuck Watch: Rob Ford's brother hired his own "reporter" to ask him scripted softball questions for literal fake news spots

Doug Ford — alleged hashish kingpin and brother to the dead, racist, violent, sexist, rapey crackhead ex-Toronto-Mayor Rob Fordstole the nomination to lead the Ontario Conservatives in an upcoming provincial race.

With so much baggage, it's no surprise that Doug Ford would lack the courage to face the public (that may be why he paid sub-minimum-wage rates to actors to cheer him on at a rally), and so he's hired a fake journalist who follows him around, recording pretend news broadcasts in which the two exchange scripted dialogue that is presented as actual investigative journalism.

Here he is, about to set out on the June 7 campaign trail, and how has he chosen to frame himself as a transparent candidate willing to be held to account?

In TV news-style videos on Facebook that have a PC apparatchik pretend to be a reporter while Ford pretends to present himself for media scrutiny.

Whatever one makes of the Ford Nation Live sham, it does say something about the merit of real journalism.

Doug Ford evades real scrutiny by hiring his own reporter [Star Editorial Board/Toronto Star]