Who are these crazy people out chasing tornadoes?


3 Responses to “Who are these crazy people out chasing tornadoes?”

  1. drowse03 says:

    I’ve been a Skywarn storm spotter for a few years, and I got out for my first chase this weekend on Saturday. 

    Its a thrilling thing. The science is amazing, and yet so much is still not understood!

  2. Flashman says:

    Some may do it because it’s fun.

    • niktemadur says:

      Right, they didn’t mention the third type of tornado-chasers, a car full of adrenaline junkies roaming the country roads, drinking a few beers and keeping a close eye on the weather report.
      Damn, I gotta say, it DOES sound like fun.  In Oklahoma, I’d be cranking up the Flaming Lips on the car stereo.

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