Extreme Bloody Mary, Wisconsin style


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  1. awjt says:

    Where’s the kringle?

  2. Jonathan Roberts says:

    While my initial reaction was disgust, I have to admire the use of the pretzel as a stabilizing structural component of this… thing.

  3.  Vegetables? Why are there vegetables? Why aren’t they fried? If I wanted to eat healthy, I’d order a nice salad.

    • Nash Rambler says:

      Don’t worry, each of those vegetables were whipped by slices of bacon and then pickled in vinegar made from the tears of hippies, before being rolled in powdered nitrate and served fresh.

  4. Christopher says:

    They should offer a contest: anyone who can eat the whole thing gets it for free.

    • shutz says:

       It’s big for a drink, but it’s not that big, as meals go.  I’d have no trouble eating all of that.  And I’m starting to feel hungry, now.

    • artao says:

       They’d go broke man. This IS Wisconsin after all. That’s nothing to us. :P

    • artao says:

       They’d go broke man. This IS Wisconsin after all. That’s nothing to us. :P

  5. shutz says:

     But will it blend?

  6. Abo_Zdroff says:

     Can I order such a Bloody Mary without the actual Bloody Mary?

  7. ffabian says:

    What is the white noodly thing wrapped around the popcorn?

  8. artao says:

    curse my fellow state-folk
    that thing DOES look damn tasty tho. DAMN tasty

  9. Nicholas Gates says:

    That is not a “noodly thing;” it appears to be a mozzarella rope. 

    Sometimes my state makes me very ashamed.  Sometimes it makes me very proud.  This makes me a little of both.

  10. allium says:

    And that is why you use bounds checking .

  11. Nash Rambler says:

    My mouth is watering like one of Pavlov’s dogs who just saw. . .well, this, actually.

  12. V says:

    Look at this humongous Bloody Mary thing. Just look at it.

  13. anon0mouse says:

    Yeah, the only thing missing is a green turtle-neck Packers sweater koozie.

  14. millie fink says:

    And the Milwaukee Bucks to the Milwaukee Upchucks.

  15. It’s always hot as hell when I go to a baseball game, so I can’t imagine eating all that crap, drinking the bloody mary and not feeling nauseous. 
    Also, a plate would be awesome.

  16. pjcamp says:

    Them flags is tasty.

  17. chris coreline says:

     mother of god. it looks like they left a cocktail stick in a room full of fat, nitrates and yum, came back in the morning and this had formed; its like a fricken food crystal.

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