Prosthetic tentacle

Taiwanese design student Kaylene Kau created this motorized prosthetic tentacle for a class project: "For this project we were pushed by our Professor to push the boundaries of current upper-limb prosthetic design. Through extensive research I found that the prosthetic functioned as an assistant to the dominant functioning hand. The prosthetic needed to be both flexible and adjustable in order to accommodate a variety of different grips."



  1. She needs to develop a head-mounted (chin), mouth-controllable 8 armed version for quadriplegics…
    Might look a bit like this:

  2. As seafarer prosthetics go this has a “Captain Hook meets Captain Davy Jones” vibe.

        1. Oooh…free shipping!

          Me: “Can you help me carry this inside?”

          UPS Human Punching Bag: “Um, no.” Sidles back. “Incidentally, you may have a new delivery guy next week.” Runs.

  3. I could have sworn I saw this before on BB… maybe not but It appears to have appeared all over in 2010

  4. the section marked “controls” disappoints me, i was hoping this used muscle control

  5. I have one hand and about 0.5 of the other forearm. I don’t use a prosthesis – they get in the way. (I build houses for a hobby – handy that I rarely hit my thumb.)

    I have pondered what kind of controls and tools a race with different types of limbs would make and use. We make many assumptions with our tools. I am amused by paper towel dispensers that say “pull with both hands”. Hammer and chisel is fun – I use duct tape.

    I also have a fuzzy stump – covered with pile velcro. I use strips of hook velcro to attach things. Very handy.

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