Survivalist answers survival questions from Twitter

For Wired video, a Survivalist Answers Survival Questions From Twitter.

Have you ever wondered how to start a campfire if matches are the only thing on hand? Or if you should drink your own urine if lost in the wild? Donny dust answers these questions and a ton of others that can supply you with life-saving tips if you ever find yourself alone and afraid in the wilderness. 

Some of my favorite parts of the video included learning how to make a knife out of wilderness materials  at  02:12, and how to survive falling through the ice at 18:28

Here's a full list of timestamps for all the fascinating topics covered in the video: 

00:00 Survivalist Support

00:13 Drinking Urine

00:32 No Compass

01:45 Die By Exposure

02:12 How to Make a Knife

03:49 Dental Hygiene

04:41 No Matches, No Lighter

07:07 Beaver Fever

07:36 Grizzly Attack

08:53 4 Types of Knots

10:18 Most Nutritious Insect

11:00 Sharpening Machetes

11:25 Core Four

12:43 Lake Water

13:35 Cleaning Clothes

14:41 Treating Injuries

15:30 Hunting Rabbit

17:00 LifeStraws

17:26 Fish Trap

18:28 Falling Through Ice

19:34 Igloos

20:35 Natural Shelters

21:08 Combatting Loneliness

21:47 Vegetarian Survivalist

22:34 Safest Game

23:06 Only One Item?

23:33 Lost on a Hike

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