Lamps made from cassette tapes

Cassette Is Not Dead refurbs cassette tapes into handsome lamps. They operate on a barter economy -- send them 40 homemade mix-tapes and they'll send you a wallet made from one tape; send them 80 pre-recorded tapes and they'll send you a box lamp. Alternatively, you can buy the lamps for cash. (via Yanko Design)


    1. I am Cassettus…of Dub. Rewinding is futile. Your tape, as it has been, is over. From this time forward…please press…eject.

  1. I really like the way the website design breaks traditional boundaries. Taking away the ability to scroll forces one to linger and appreciate each element of the page. Bravo!

    1. I don’t believe so.  The top appears be open, which negates the U.L. requirement of Critical Top Height and the Critical Radius is probably close to code. 

      But I don’t think it’s U.L./C.S.A listed anyway.

  2. I still listen to the occasional old tape…Because not everything is on the web, vinyl or CD .

  3. Pretty clever idea and business model, but 120 euros for a box of 36 shitty cassettes with zip-ties seems way too high. That kind of price makes the lamps seem less like a neat way to support creative artists, and more like buying the perfect hipster status symbol and house-party conversation piece. 

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