Kickstarting a detailed plan to rob five banks simultaneously


8 Responses to “Kickstarting a detailed plan to rob five banks simultaneously”

  1. oasisob1 says:

    And then while the police all attend the big opening of the exhibit, the artist plans to rob five banks, simultaneously.

  2. Pomfelo says:

    I think we should spend the comments section discussing who will star in the film version of this article.

  3. patti2030 says:

    This really reminds me of Bank Job by Janice Kerbil

  4. Nels Nelson says:

    Nice evil villain glasses

  5. Boundegar says:

    That business about dropping a plane on LA sounds familiar – wasn’t it part of the plan to steal the Space Shuttle I saw here, I dunno, maybe six months ago?

    • The basic plot sounds the same as the 1st half of the 1960s Ocean’s 11. Catastrophic failure of electric lights vs. big distraction of plane crashing. I might be wrong. I’ll be interested to see how the exhibition turns out if she’s funded.

  6. helenm says:

    I’ve seen her present this project at a conference. She wrote the story two years ago before the LA shuttle plan and the project bears absolutely no resemblance to Oceans 11, I believe she said it was exactly that story that she was contesting along with typical hollywood tropes. 

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