Kickstarting a detailed plan to rob five banks simultaneously

Artist Ilona Gaynor produced a piece called "Under Black Carpets" that took the form of detailed plans for robbing five banks near LA's One Wilshire building, simultaneously. Gaynor worked with the LAPD and the FBI to produce a collection of fictional forensic evidence from these robberies, which were then exhibited. Now, Gaynor's trying to raise £20,000 to take the exhibit to tour the show. £30 gets you a cool-looking book, and £40 gets you the book and a tee.


No. This is strictly a design / art project.

The exhibition of the work will be presented to the audience as a police investigation, detailing the remaining evidential material after the event has taken place, something that could be argued or challenged as material (evidence) in a court of law. The work itself will take form as sculptures, architectural models, technical drawings, films and photography. It will open as a solo exhibition (Special Project) at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale opening from Sep 12th - Dec 15th 2013.

Under Black Carpets, kickstart a bank heist. (via Beyond the Beyond)


  1. And then while the police all attend the big opening of the exhibit, the artist plans to rob five banks, simultaneously.

  2. I think we should spend the comments section discussing who will star in the film version of this article.

  3. That business about dropping a plane on LA sounds familiar – wasn’t it part of the plan to steal the Space Shuttle I saw here, I dunno, maybe six months ago?

    1. The basic plot sounds the same as the 1st half of the 1960s Ocean’s 11. Catastrophic failure of electric lights vs. big distraction of plane crashing. I might be wrong. I’ll be interested to see how the exhibition turns out if she’s funded.

  4. I’ve seen her present this project at a conference. She wrote the story two years ago before the LA shuttle plan and the project bears absolutely no resemblance to Oceans 11, I believe she said it was exactly that story that she was contesting along with typical hollywood tropes. 

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