A children's guide to splattered bugs


Excellent signage at a 76 gas station, via Telstar Logistics' Instagram. It's a few years old, but part of a brilliant larger campaign by Venables Bell & Partners.


  1. I want to this to be real. I really doubt it. The Hex shaped trash can..doesn’t seem 76..and the orange safety poles that are bolt up right cylinders seem out of place for 76.

    The bottom bit of the Gas gauge icon with the the indicator pointing to the left side is either the first media of that icon being used or someone placing a photoshop thing without understanding about the 70’s.

    I might be wrong on that—but that that gas arrow icon wasn’t used until Japanese imports became popular in later 70’s.

    1. It’s interesting and new to me. And fortunately, that’s the only filter I need when deciding whether to post something.

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  2. It’s real, all right. I saw one weeks ago, but did I think to submit it to boingboing? Noooo.

  3. It’s real.  I got yelled at once in Studio City by some woman who assumed I was a paparazzo because I was snapping pics of one of these signs back when they first appeared.  

    I have no idea who she was, but then, I don’t watch enough TV to be able identify all the airbrushed, designer-clad Somebodies around here. :-)  Makes for nice scenery, though. :-)

    The folks at 76 have been having a lot of fun with their station-signage ads.  My fave is the ad for “The Quiet Game”, a free smartphone app for loud children in cars.  

    (Which is also real, BTW, along with several other useful Road Tools, including the delightful Honk Suppressor, a free hardware device that many people desperately need.)


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