Music For Bugs is an awe-inspiring album that will make your day better

Music For Bugs is an awe-inspiring album that will make your day better. This gem was created by Camiidae. While this instrumental album is dedicated to bugs, but it's also perfect for humans who require something sweet and uplifting.

From YouTube:

with all my love i present to you: "music for bugs" the complete album it's been an awesome project to work on, and the first one i did of this kind (my first album). it started with me messing around, after finally having some free time. i was drawing bugs because i love them, and then i thought "hey it would be nice to add some music.".= i didn't have any kind of long term project in mind with this, but when i finished with that early tortoise beetle i was like "this is nice, i could make more", and that's what i did. at first i wasn't very clear about the sound idea and i just did what the bug inspired me to do, but as i kept composing it started to sound more cohesive, like there was a unique style for this. i was actually scared about that when i decided to make an album, i thought it would sound like many unrelated things mashed together. but to my surprise it didn't and other people told me the same thing, so yeah that's cool. to be honest i don't have much more to say, i'm still kinda shocked that i'm releasing something like this and that there's people out there that enjoy it, even if they are few.

This is a great album to put on while drawing, reading, knitting, or doing any creative activity. The bugs in my house love it too. We've all been sitting around my computer, listening together.