Fully functional Apple-1 from 1976 sold for almost $700K


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  1. FrankenPC . says:

    So, adjusting for inflation and Apple shareholder profit expectations…it sold under value.

  2. What’s the deal with the original $666 price tag, were they Crowleyites or something?

  3. johnphantom says:

    Does anyone remember a black case Apple use in the early years, maybe? I remember using that one from comp sci class.

  4. bolamig says:

    Are you thinking of the NeXT in the black case?

    666.66 is the sign of the devil, rather auspicious for a company that started out as the anti-1984 and became 1984.

    • unclemike says:

      Isn’t just 666 the number of the beast? Maybe adding the extra .66 negates it. 

    • Gulliver says:

      Um…666 is the Number of Beast…though some sources have postulated that it’s really 6^6^6. There’s no decimal.

      Whatever they sold it as then, it’s gotta be the only computer in history to appreciate 100,000 percent.

    • FrankenPC . says:

      Actually, 666 is the sign of Nero Cesar of Rome.  Although depending on the Hebrew spelling it might have been 616.  It’s either Nrwn Qsr, or Nrw Qsr 

      • nachoproblem says:

        And since Nero’s neighbors all hated him, you could consider it the number of the beast as well.

      • Medievalist says:

        PSSST – hey buddy -  Ronald Wilson Reagan.  Six letters, six letters, six letters.

        Explains a lot doesn’t it?  Frankly, Stiggs and I are appalled.

  5. thompson says:

    Man, the specs on that thing are awful.  Dude way overpaid.

    It can’t even play WoW.

  6. Preston Sturges says:

    And did they seek 200 design patents on the wooden cabinet?

  7. WaferMouse says:

    Are those AC outlets built into the case? Wowwww. That solves the “USB only offers 5v” problem.

  8. oschene says:

    Couldn’t afford it then, can’t afford it now.

  9. Gee, I remember seeing one of those…Freeverse Software, somewhen about 1999…

  10. Preston Sturges says:

    Are those doorbell transformers? 

  11. OliveGreenapple says:

    Before reading the post I actually thought “OK, that is just not a good steampunk case mod…” 

  12. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    On the plus side, I’ve heard that you can ‘execute’ programs that aren’t even cryptographically signed by Apple! Steve probably spins in his grave every time you do; but that’s a risk you have to take.

  13. mmmn…what is this worth? Apple Mac Tower in 30 Gallons of Patron Silver tequila?

  14. pjcamp says:

    Case designed by a 6 year old with a wood burner and the key to dad’s liquor cabinet?

  15. Dvoetberg says:

    I have one of these and love sitting at Peet’s Coffee typing on it for hours.

    • justsomeguy says:

      I think I’ve seen you, with all those obnoxious ‘think different’ stickers, right? Your CRT TV always hogs an empty seat, what a jerk!

  16. URLNTS says:

    We are a little slow,this was really a sting to get the Chinese hackers?

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