A soil atlas of Africa

A group of international experts has created a Soil Atlas of Africa, which maps the earth to "help farmers, land managers and policymakers understand the diversity and importance of soil, and the need to manage it through sustainable use." More at the Guardian.


  1. One thing that is supposedly (and anecdotally) happening with this is that rich and/or foreign landowners are using this amazing new map to scope out good soils, buy up the land under poorer  farmers who may or may not hold title to it, and then kick them off it. So it may be a case of unintended consequences, where information in the absence of equitable rule of law further widens the gap between rich and poor.

  2. Drats!  They don’t seem to have the new African soils data as download yet.  I’ve been trying to use the LandScan pop data, MODIS 1km landcover, and the ESA Globcover as a means of defining the extent of mosquito borne vector diseases in Africa.  This would help sharpen the resolution considerably.  Kudos to the ESDAC for undertaking such a massive data gathering project.

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