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16 Responses to “Great covers of Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'”

  1. Great instrumentals. Only criticism is the vocalist. He has a nice voice, but he doesn’t lay back the beat at all. Loses a lot of soul in the vocal performance when he doesn’t lay it back all funklike.

    I absolutely HATE it when jazz musicians use the term “that sounds too white,” but…..

    • chellberty says:

      better covers of daft punk here

  2. Fee Berry says:

    I tried to recommend George Barnett’s cover to BB: which I’m sorry…blows this one out of the water.  And some.  George’s own music is also amazing.

  3. Nice. Adding them to the post!

    • Fee Berry says:

       Thank you *so* much!  I love the cover – particularly that he plays all the instruments and did the video and production himself.  He’s a 19 year old English singer songwriter and his own work is really worth checking out on his YouTube stream.

  4. yeff says:

    And if you listen to them both at the same time, you hear the secret message!

    (make sure to start George Barnett when San Cisco hits 1:17)

    - yeff

  5. Joseph Francis says:

    Do any of them mention the monkey?

  6. Isaac Garza says:

    Check out this Bossa version of “Get Lucky”  by The Stepkids. It’s Jazztastic!

  7. edwardfreezorhands says:

    I prefer Alan Partridge’s instrumental cover which, naturally, uses only air for instrument

  8. zeppo says:

    I’ve been loving Michael Jackson’s version

  9. wingo shackleford says:

    The kid doing it all himself is better than the original.  He even sings it a little higher.

    • Fee Berry says:

       If you like his cover, please check out his original work – like Where the Devil Sleeps… I’ve been a fan for a couple of years, it’s been astounding to me that it’s taken so long for the world in general to catch up and see how great a musician he is:  There have been a couple of comments on the YouTube stream I’ve liked a lot.  One said “All the people in this band look the same” and another “Didn’t Daft Punk do a cover of this…?”

  10. courosa says:

    Don’t forget the banjo version #GetPlucky

  11. oasisob1 says:

    Now let’s see some covers of Gotye Lucky?

  12. bingobangoboy says:

    The second band is hella tight.
    The top version is just bland.  Sorry.

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