Breaking Bad Walter White Hazmat Suit limited-edition toy

"He comes complete with a fifty-five gallon chemical drum and a trio of lab bottles. Mug is not included, it is shown to give a sense of scale."

Ships last week of July, 2013. $35. Order: Mezco Toyz presents Breaking Bad Walter White Hazmat Suit Edition

(Thanks, @marzinka)


  1. Forget the toy. When is someone going to make some Los Pollos Hermanos chicken that will live up to how delicious Hank and others made it sound?

    1. 8 herbs and spices! The eighth spice is meth. Wash it down with a delicious can of Slurm!

    1.  I think Walter White Yellow Hazmat Suit sounds better. Or at least more confusing.

      Also, the mug that isn’t included with the figure that is also not included in the picture is a common, customizable coffee mug, about 95mm (3.75″) tall.

    1. After clicking through I was disappointed to find that this was not the mug in question.

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