Breaking Bad Walter White Hazmat Suit limited-edition toy


13 Responses to “Breaking Bad Walter White Hazmat Suit limited-edition toy”

  1. Christopher says:

    Forget the toy. When is someone going to make some Los Pollos Hermanos chicken that will live up to how delicious Hank and others made it sound?

  2. Jorpho says:

    Shouldn’t that be Walter Yellow Hazmat Suit?

    • Jeffrey Karter says:

       I think Walter White Yellow Hazmat Suit sounds better. Or at least more confusing.

      Also, the mug that isn’t included with the figure that is also not included in the picture is a common, customizable coffee mug, about 95mm (3.75″) tall.

  3. jerwin says:

    Needs a gas mask/respirator

  4. Brainspore says:

    I’m holding out for the limited-edition “Walter Jr. with Cereal Bowl.”

  5. SketchyTK says:

    “Now with real knocking action!”

  6. “Mug is not included”
    Nor pictured!

  7. Halloween_Jack says:

    If the black Heisenberg hat were included as an accessory, I’d get this.

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