Roundup of #occupygezi


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  1. angstrom says:

    When I see the words “demolishing shops”. I expected to see equipment and flattened walls, not a pathetic and failed attempt to kick in a door.
    Will hyperbole really help the Turkish people? Why cry wolf like that?

    • Nekkoru says:

      Reports have also come in of shop windows being broken by tear gas canisters.

      • angstrom says:

        I refer specifically to the link text “demolishing shops to get at the protesters trying I hide inside” the link of this points to a video of some futile door kicking.

    • Fnordius says:

      Note that the link is only one example that made it out. The video is an anecdote, and we need to remember that a lot is happening that is not uploaded to YouTube. 

      German media has been covering this  pretty heavily, mainly because there is a large Turkish minority in Germany, most still holding Turkish citizenship, and Turkey has long been an economic parter for Germany. There, the news stories talk of the police storming an entire shopping centre, as well as demonstrators using an excavator to break through police lines.

      There is a LOT going on in Turkey at the moment, with protests on the 4th day spilling out into other cities. So don’t call anecdotes hyperbole, merely because the linked video did not meet your standards of violence.

      • angstrom says:

        Wow. STRAWMAN ALERT. “my standards of violence”? What the fuck.

        My standards of a link definition pointing to something which undermines the point it is trying to make.

        Video of a lion attack here:

        Lion attacks do happen.. Sorry that video doesn’t fulfil your bloodlust.

        • peregrinus says:

          Here you go:

          First item that came up when I googled “turkey police violence”

          You don’t know how to use Google?  I’d send the instructions .pdf but it’s missing.

          • angstrom says:

            MY POINT, AGAIN
            FOR THE STUPID

            the article, above, contains a link “demolishing shops” the link does not link to demolishing shops. That link in the article which is titled “demolishing shops” that link. THAT LINK . The link with the words ” demolishing shops”, those words, of that link, does not link to a video of demolishing shops.

            In the article, the link with that title, I. Feel, ought to link to something which that tile describes.

            The fact that the link with the title “demolishing shops” can be found illustrated as a video elsewhere, shows that the article could have linked to the very thing it said it linked to but did not.

            The link “demolishing shops” linked to “kicking a door while onlookers laugh”, which undermines the journalistic intent.

          • peregrinus says:

             You mispelled title in your 3rd para.

  2. Cookiehead Jenkins says:

    “brutal pacification”
    not quite a band name, but surely a good album title

  3. Girard says:

    I have an old work acquaintance who’s living there presently, and his regular Facebook updates are chilling.
    Also, apparently, real protestors are really dying from real bullets.

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