Making of "Man Of Steel"

A 13-minute publicity featurette about the making of Man Of Steel.


  1. So, am I to understand there is no Clark Kent that wears glasses and becomes a reporter in this version?

    1. Having seen the film I can confirm there is a character named Clark Kent in it. And he wears glasses.

        1. Not in this film, but you do have to wonder why they can’t see through his cunning disguise.

    2. Apparently the idea of a thriving and relevant printed newspaper was deemed “too fantastical” for a movie about an alien-born superhero with godlike powers.

  2. I don’t care for the “high tech” fabric on the suit. More texture is not always better. The whole discussion about the “S” is addressed as if their solution was somehow original. They treated it the same way in the 1978 version, with each family having a crest.

    Maybe I’m just in a bad mood today, but I found the producer Deborah Snyder very annoying in this video. Everything she said just seemed like she doesn’t “get” superman. How do you make him cool to a modern audience? Really? Superman is cool, period. He’s bulletproof, can fly, etc. And then she used the word “proactive”. Ugh.

  3. “We will be proactively leveraging Superman’s ‘coolness’ assets to increase his Q-rating and social footprint among milennials and online thought leaders, entertainment-wise.”

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