"Just pretending you are using or playing your phone normally, BUT, taking pictures in 'redirect angles!'"

A gimmick lens from my favorite purveyors of craptastic plastic, Brando. It attaches to a smartphone camera lens so you can take photos at a 90-degree angle just like Weegee did!

(Image from photo.net)

Excellent for Your Spy Activities in taking pictures & video!


  1. Never mind the sneaky part, a waist level finder would so much more usable, but making the image upside down is not very usable.

    If it came with an app to make it so that the image would not be upside down I’d buy it. If it had two mirrors so that the image would not be upside down I’d buy it. 
    If it used an amici prism so that the image would not be upside down I’d buy it.

    What idiot thought that holding a camera/phone at arms length at eye level was a good idea?  Not a photographer aparently

  2. Some photographer do really compelling shots of strangers but often achieve this through direct engagement. It can lead to confrontation and irritation by both parties. Furthermore the photographer does have the right to do this in public, so perhaps it is a good idea.

    Unfortunately the primary use case for most people is probably creepshots :( rather than heartfelt pictures of the streets.

    1. I often take pictures in public. I’m caught between wanting to ask first (making sure the person won’t get upset) and not wanting to ruin the moment. Recently a man stopped me to ask me a question. I wanted so badly to photograph him, but the nature of question and his strain to ask it suggested he had some kind of serious mental illness. I didn’t want to a) make that worse for him or b) make my picture exploitative somehow. At the same time, his expression, dress, and where he was sitting were all so perfect for a picture. I’m still torn in my mind about whether or not I should have just asked him if he minded (after all, I answered his question).

  3. I understood that the guy who recorded the “47%” video of Mitt Romney used something similar . . .

    1. You’ll note the subject of the photographer in the old-timey ads… at least they were honest about it.

  4. When you’re in a crowd,  you can safely hold your arm out with a phone pointed directly at a cop, and not get arrested or pepper-sprayed except sometimes.

    When you’re alone, not so much. I’m hardly an outrageous scofflaw… but even I have been in situations where I’ve been thinking “this would be really wise to get video of, in case it blows up”, but not been able to do so for fear of making the situation blow up.

    Some cameras have swivel cams on. Seems like a good idea to me.

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