Short film about Intertidal ocean life

PBS Digital Studios has launched a biweekly series called Under H2O, and the first episode is called "The Intertidal." It's only five minutes long, and well worth watching.

‘The Intertidal’ features rare underwater footage of a part of the marine world that often goes unexplored by scientists and cameramen alike: the intertidal. In this episode, Dr. Musburger and his team take cameras underwater as they sneak into this largely unexplored habitat during the short window of time when the tide is out and tide pools are accessible. With unmatched wave energy, temperature fluctuations, and salinity changes, only the hardiest plans and animals survive.


  1. “…this largely unexplored habitat…” 

    I know a whole lot of little kids who wouldn’t exactly call it that.

    1. Sticking fingers into open anemones, or poking the closed ones to make them squirt, could be as old as humanity itself.

    1.  “Each microcosmic planet, a complete society.”

      No tidal pools around where I live unless you consider a mudflat the mother of all huge tidal pools. A very diverse habitat unless you look just at the plant life. There are hundreds of species in the mud.

  2. “only the hardiest plans and animals survive”
    Well, sure, but the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

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