El Candigato Morris: Fed up with "rat" politicians, Mexican town proposes cat for mayor

Image: juancarlosvazquez.com

A wonderful meme is spreading throughout the Spanish-speaking internets: El Candigato Morris, a cat politician who originated in the Mexican city of Xalapa. His campaign slogan translates to "For a Xalapa Without Rats," referring to the notoriously corrupt politicians and police in the region.

Here's his Facebook page.

El Universal covers it here and here in Spanish, and a CNN blog contributor explains here en Inglés:

The state of Veracruz is preparing for the upcoming local elections, to be held on July 7th, and in a show of tiredness and lack of belief in the official candidates, two young men have proposed a cat named Morris as the citizen's candidate. Morris says he promises to do what other politicians do, which is sleep and do nothing. He has also stated that while he also messes up, he at least has the decency to cover up his mess and not leave it laying around where people can step on it. Curiously enough, Morris now has more likes on his Facebook page than three of the four main candidates in the running, and is expected to overcome the candidate for PRI in a short time. This internet sensation is being covered by state, local, and national media, and is a way for the population to express their frustration at their elected officials.

The designer of the Shepard Fairey-esque Morris posters above and below, Juan Carlos Vazquez, explains his design process here:

"Frustration with do-nothing politicians has sparked a surreal situation in the eastern Mexican city of Xalapa, where two students have nominated a cat for that town's upcoming mayoral election.

Morris is the feline candidate's name. He has a Facebook page and Twitter account where he promises to "rid the city of rats," a local euphemism for corrupt politicians.

Besides going after rats, Morris only says that he will eat, sleep, yawn and conduct other cat-like activities. His campaign managers say that this is exactly why you should vote for him." Is what says ABCNews in the article about this social movement in Xalapa, Mexico.

I redesigned 3 posters, using satire and humour and inspired by Shepard Fairey posters and Alberto Korda photography with the only goal to give support to this social/political movement that is led by Daniel Cruz And Sergio Chamorro.

I never imagined that this movement would be so powerful...

(Thanks, Renata Avila)


  1. I was all ready to dismiss this cat as a protest candidate without a real platform or backing – then I saw that last poster.  Man! (or perhaps, Cat!) – that cat has assembled a serious slate of candidates.

  2. Reminds me of Mulvar is Correct Candidate, a parody of the kinds of photo-ops that politicians constantly try to present themselves in.  The animator was inspired by a picture of Canada’s prime minister Steven Harper posing with a kitten.

  3. I want a 2’x6′ poster of ‘Miau!’ in my life, and I am willing to pay top dollar to get it.

    1.  Sounds like a good way for the campaign to raise money. Have you tried asking on his facebook page?

  4. Also on a slightly more snarky note, it’s nice to see that even in a fantasy government run by cats, sexism within the management structure is still alive and well.

    1. Could be the fact that it’s a cabinet made of celebrity cats, and celebrity usually has a male bias. 

  5. Hey, a cat is the mayor of an Alaskan town! He is apparently popular because he does not raise taxes, and served multiple terms.

    1.  There was also a dog who was mayor of Sunol California during the 80s and early 90s.  It’s an unincorporated town out in the hills, with about 900 residents, a couple of stores, a post office, and a former train station.  Bosco the dog hung out at the local biker bar and everybody liked him, so he got to be mayor.

  6. he promises to “rid the city of rats,” a local euphemism for corrupt politicians.

    Fucking rats should be a universal euphemism for corrupt politicians.

    How the hell do such scumbags escape the suffocating torrents of ire that is their due? They should be brutally assaulted by little old ladies when they try to buy their morning paper.

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