How 3D printing will rebuild reality


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  1. raju says:

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  2. miasm says:

    At this rate, I think the Jet-packs are really going to be more of a hindrance than anything else.

  3. Mordicai says:

    As a dude with three titanium plates in his face, that first image is real interesting.

  4. RadioSilence says:

    Very interesting, but that first picture was a little shocking. 

  5. AnthonyC says:

    I will point out that even Gene Roddenberry thought it would be another three centuries before we had replicators, and even then we may have had help from other species whose technology we could reverse-engineer.

    Also, do Star Trek Replicators rearrange matter at the atomit or subatomic level? That is, does the Enterprise haul around samples of the 91 naturally occurring elements (or maybe transmute them in various particle accelerators in advance)? Or does it rearrange protons, neutrons, and electrons?

    • miasm says:

      Wonder no more earthling, for Replicators use a Matter energy conversion matrix.

    • hotdiggity says:

      Since teleporters deal with the direct manipulation of matter on the sub-atomic scale, I daresay replicators avail themselves of similar tech.  With improvements in the way we understand matter, perhaps a sphere of super dense matter would be both an energy and a food source.  Use the  mass effect on space/time/gravity for your means of propulsion and peel off an atomic layer or two to replicate dinner.  One stop shopping at your own personal black hole.  

      • AnthonyC says:

        In the TNG eposide “Timescape” they say the Romulans use a singularity as a power source. The federation does not.

        Otherwise, I would think the same thing, though it does make it very weird that certain substances can’t be replicated. What are they made of, exactly?

        Also, I’m often amazed at how, throughout sci-fi, people fails to actually use the tools they have available. The Enterprise can store and check your transporter logs to sequence your genome and modify the matter stream to correct damaged DNA or remove pathogens while in transit, but can’t store a full backup copy of your brain and body state to resurrect you when you’re killed on a mission? 

  6. Punchcard says:

    I’m looking forward for 3d printing to do to manufacturing what low-cost home printers did to the printing industry.

    Quick and easy, while also kind of crappy and a pain in the ass. 

  7. sockdoll says:

    With the recent rise of the Maker movement…

    I know that I’m singling out a tiny bit of the article, but it always strikes me as odd when people claim that humans making things is a new phenomenon. Someone just put a new label on a very ancient practice. The technologies used obviously change over time, but this so-called “Movement” is nothing new.

    • hotdiggity says:

      Maybe  “resurgence” would’ve been a better choice.  People used to make things because they had to – manufactured items were rare and expensive.  Enter the industrial revolution.  Why make it yourself when you can buy it cheap and easy?  As a race we saved time and effort we could apply to other pursuits, such as the arts, education etc (Maslow, et al).  Now forward unto the second industrial revolution, wherein we choose to make for ourselves those things we could buy.  Why?  Your thoughts?

    • AnthonyC says:

      “Humans making things” was very much on the wane for a few generations. We started buying them instead, relegating production to a relative handful of specialists. What fraction of young Americans today know how to build a house? Not long ago, if you didn’t you would be homeless. No more. If you or your spouse couldn’t weave cloth and sew clothes you’d have been naked. I don’t live in that world and can’t do many of the things my great-grandparents knew how to do. 

      So yes, this is something new. It is people consciously *choosing* to make things themselves that they could more easily obtain in other ways. Because they enjoy it. Because they can customize it. Because they can more fully own it. 

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