Delightful Trek-themed Pride tee

Andy W writes, "An artist/illustrator friend of mine just put an illustration of hers up on RedBubble — two iconic science-fiction television characters sharing a tender moment on the couch." Read the rest

Captain Kirk, Spock, and Uhura want you to stay off hard drugs

In 1973, the National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers released "Get Off," a 1973 vinyl record featuring dozens of musicians delivering anti-hard drug warnings. Along with personal warnings from Grateful Dead, Alice Cooper, the Doobie Bros., BB King, Ravi Shankar, the Staple Singers, and Frank Zappa, the crew of the starship Enterprise visits a planet ravaged by hard drugs. Just say know.

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Trailer for Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek

Let's hope if Tarantino actually gets a piece of the action, his Star Trek film is this fun.


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The Orville is better than Star Trek: Discovery

Critics hate The Orville, Seth McFarlane's uncanny love letter to Star Trek and The Next Generation, but they love the gloomy, ultra-2017 Star Trek: Discovery. Viewers love The Orville, though, while remaining divided on and indifferent to the new official series.

The critics are mistaken; the viewers are right. I was surprised at how intimately Seth McFarlane -- Seth McFarlane! -- is tuned into Gene Roddenberry's sense of humanity's future potential and why it's OK to have a shipful of lovers. It's TNG with dick jokes! And, let's face it, the time is right for some happy technocommie utopian SF. Read the rest

Your next pajamas could be Star Trek: TNG onesie with removable feet

I am serious about sleepwear, and will not pass on a chance to change into jammies (I travel with them, wear them on long-haul flights, etc), and there's a universe of difference between slopping around in sweats and a tee and wearing actual jim-jams. Read the rest

Star Trek keycaps for your mechanical keyboard

The Roddenberry Shop sells the Galaxy Class keyset, designed to look just like the user interfaces from Star Trek: The Next Generation and its spinoffs. If anything, it's a radical improvement on the shifting, zero-travel Okudagrams from the show, as its for mechanical keyboards only. Make it click, number one! Read the rest

8 writers share their ideas for Star Trek spinoffs

Star Trek has many spinoffs, but they all happen within a fairly shallow focal plane: consider how controversial it was to set DS9 on a space station instead of a starship, or how radical it seemed for Discovery to not star the ship's commanding officer. Tiffany Kelly got eight SF writers to cook up more intriguing adventures in America's favorite future.

I like the ideas from Rob Boffard, Annalee Newitz andd Charles Yu, who each want a look at invisible levels of Klingon and Federation society. Newitz wants to see Klingon scientists and workers navigating the military elite's endless honor games; Yu wants to make a hero of a green-visored Ferenghi number-crunching his way through the Federation finances, a moneyless socialist energy economy that must yet do business with a universe that runs on gold-pressed Latinum.

(Together, the eight proposals seem almost like a critique of Star Trek's practical limitations as television SF.) Read the rest

JOHN WILCOCK: The Diggers' Death of Money & Other Counterculture Moments of 1966

A variety of events from 1966, including Ken Kesey's Acid Test at The Filmore, Charles Whitman's attack at The University of Texas at Austin, and John Lennon's statement about the Beatles popularity over Jesus.

Pimp Tribble

This is supposedly a cheap fluffy clutch bag you an buy at Amazon, but it's clearly a native of Iota Geminorum IV who has found success in life. Read the rest

Beautiful classic Star Trek coffee mugs

Featuring the artwork of Juan Ortiz, these TOS coffee mugs are just wonderful.

I'm pretty sure I'll have them all shortly.

Star Trek The Ultimate Computer (Juan Ortiz Art) Sci-Fi TV Television Show Porcelain Boxed Gift Coffee (Tea, Cocoa) 11 Oz. Mug via Amazon

Star Trek Space Seed (Juan Ortiz Art) Sci-Fi TV Television Show Porcelain Gift Coffee (Tea, Cocoa) 11 Oz. Mug via Amazon Read the rest

Far from critics' top lists, Voyager dominates Star Trek's most-rewatched episodes

Star Trek episode top lists generally center on highlights from the original series (The City on the Edge of Forever) and Next Generation (The Inner Light). But it is episodes of Star Trek: Voyager that occupy six of the top ten slots in Netflix's list of most-rewatched episodes‐and the most rewatched episode of Star Trek is the spinoff's terrible finale!

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CBS launched an official fan-film-academy for people who want to make Star Trek videos

In 2016, CBS/Paramount brought a lawsuit against Axanar, a very successful group of fan-film producers who'd crowdfunding more than $1M to make a kick-ass Star Trek video. Read the rest

This cute and customizable dress doubles as a Star Trek homage

As the hilarious Star Trek: The Next Generation Tumblr “Fashion It So” points out, this dress from eShakti bears more than a passing resemblance to a Starfleet uniform, especially the ones worn during the Deep Space Nine and Voyager eras of the series. Here’s the dress:

And here’s a look at the DS9 and Voyager uniforms:

The dress also comes in grey and is offered in a couple different cuts.

The dresses are available from size XS to 36W and come with a whole bunch of customizable options in terms of size, length, sleeve style, and neckline. You can check out the Starfleet dress and more size-inclusive fashion on eShakti’s website. Read the rest

A legal victory for the kickstarted Star Trek mashup censored by Dr Seuss's estate

Last October, the Dr Seuss estate used legal threats to halt a wildly successful crowdfunded Seuss/Star Trek mashup called "Oh, The Places You'll Boldly Go," whose contributors included comics legend Ty Templeton and Tribbles creator David Gerrold. Read the rest

A beautiful classic Star Trek Tricorder

I have always wanted a TRI-Function reCORDER. Of all the cool gadgets they had on Star Trek the science Tricorder was my favorite.

This lovely Diamond Select model is well made, comes completely with all the sound effects and lights up quite nicely. I also like the smaller medical tricorder, which was just a salt shaker during filming of TOS.

Diamond Select Toys Star Trek: The Original Series Tricorder via Amazon Read the rest

An oral history of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s iconic episode 'The Inner Light'

In honor of its 25th anniversary, Nerdist has a lovely oral history of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “The Inner Light,” the episode where Captain Picard lives an entire life in the span of a few moments. Read the rest

Who will wear this Star Trek tank top in public?

This has to be one of the most impossible shirts I've ever considered wearing!

Scotty looks worried.

Star Trek Men's Original Crew Mens Tank White via Amazon Read the rest

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