Technology company in Cupertino, CA unveils some new things

Apple WWDC is under way. Announcements from the keynote include a new version of IOS, a refreshed MacBook Air, a streaming radio service, small and powerful Mac Pros, and more. Event hub sites and liveblogs: Engadget. Gizmodo. Verge.


  1. Yea the whole prism thing has me chilled on technology right now. I know I’ve advocated ‘do nothing and try internalizing til someone can come up with alternatives while supporting the eff… but i just can’t muster enthusiasm from companies we know are being taken behind the shed and told to make pig noises deliverance style.

    1. I predict the always-on mic and camera on the XBox One will result in a dead-cat bounce due to Microsoft’s whoring out to the NSA.  Like the march back of Windows 8.1, they will quickly make this opt in.

      1. Agreed, there’s already a pretty massive backlash against the Xbone on Reddit already.  The gamers seem to be rooting for PS4.  Now if Japan can resist making the PS4 spy on its customers, it may keep the momentum going and overtake the Xbone.

        It’s a shame that more and more Americans are considering purchasing products made outside of the USA just so they can avoid privacy (civil rights) and DRM (consumer rights) issues.

        I’d like to think the American corporations will suffer from this and learn a lesson, but I’m sure they’ll just figure out a way to make Americans suffer for their own corporatist sins instead.

    2. Open source is the enemy of the NSA because people with code skillz (not me) can audit the code to make sure there’s no backdoor for the spooks.

    1. Step 1:  Encrypt your data at home,
      Step 2:  Find a cloud sever outside US jurisdictional area,
      Step 3:  Put your data in the cloud bros.

      1. At 10 inches long and 7 inches wide that’d be a hell of a chode. I think even goatse would recoil in horror on that one.

    1. I was thinking more of a post-modern trashcan, but I suppose that might be the same thing in a way.

  2. Well, well, well… there’s new Apple Mac Pros.  Everyone (and there’s lots of you) who arrogantly mocked me when I didn’t think they were discontinuing them can line up to kiss my ass right here.

    C’mon, don’t be shy.  Step right up.  You guys sure as hell weren’t shy when you all ruthlessly mocked me when I dismissed Mac Pros being discontinued (for a number of damn good reasons), that’s for sure.

    1. Arguably, a ‘workstation’ offered with 1 socket(dual-CPU Mac Pros appear to be dead), and only 4 memory slots(apparently nobody needed even the, rather spartan, 8 of the prior model), and zero drive bays is more of a kick in the face than a redesign. And CUDA enthusiasts won’t mind the total lack of GPU options.

      If anything, their previous ‘benign neglect’ strategy was better than this.

      1. They boasted of the GPU power and scolded people who have been slow to pick up OpenCL, which Apple invented and made public. CUDA is the competitor, built buy NVidia. So, yeah, take your pick.

      2. Arguably, a ‘workstation’ offered with 1 socket(dual-CPU Mac Pros appear to be dead)

        Intel’s plans for ivy bridge (probably the chip that the mac pro is going to have) is a 12 core single socket cpu.

        You’ll get better performance from a single CPU x 12 core then 2 x 6 core. Are you seriously complaining about 12 (probably ivy bridge) cores?

        Go complain to Intel if that’s still not fast enough for you. You should also investigate the technology in OS X Maverick that’ll squeeze amazing amounts of performance out of the machines as well.

        zero drive bays is more of a kick in the face than a redesign

        Kick in the face? Hardly. Professionals will use Thunderbolt 2 SSD RAIDs:

        If you need more speed than that, then talk with the Utah NSA data center.

        And CUDA enthusiasts won’t mind the total lack of GPU options

        You’re talking about something that won’t be out until later in the year. Imagine something like this with Thunderbolt 2:


        only 4 memory slots

        You may not have heard, but they are jamming much more memory into fewer slots nowadays and it’s blazing fast 1,866MHz ECC RAM.

        There’s 128GB RAM chips out there. 512GBs of RAM too slim for you? How much do you have on your desktop right now? Don’t lie.

        Anyway, maybe wait to complain about how much RAM capacity it has once they announce how much RAM capacity it has? If you want to complain about RAM speed, it’s already fast as living hell, I notice you ignored that little tidbit.

        1. With you all the way.  I’ve been creaking along peering forlornly at the iMac update, but wishing it had more bang, guts and exapandability.

          If the NewMacPro comes in at a reasonable (albeit certainly high) price, I’ll be on it like a swamp rat.

          1. The Mac Pro was pretty much the one bit of Apple’s lineup that hadn’t had any significant form factor makeover since last century. In a world of ever-shrinking, ever more powerful computing technologies it seems nuts that anyone who needs a professional workstation would have to make room for a 45-pound monolith at their desk.

          2. Agreed, but I think they should have made it a bit larger to allow CPU expansion.

            As far as this Darth bucket from Apple goes, soldering the CPU in place is a dick move against its own customers.

            While the 12 physical cores are going to certainly challenge the 16 logical cores you see in competing machines today, I think it’s a shame you’ll have to buy a new Mac Pro when there’s a dual socket down the road with 24 logical cores.

            I think overall, Apple may lose some of the most top-end pros working in 3D etc. if they’re not lost already.

            Then again, if the price is ridiculously cheap, then it will be a game changer.  But, I’m pretty skeptical of that scenario.

  3. I’m thinking they are going to be easy to chain together for massive style parallel computing. They have packed it with a ton of GPU power which is where parallel is heading anyway. For rendering this will do, or photo or video processing. It is aimed at the big file user who is probably switching out external drives pretty frequently. They have trimmed it down to computing power and a ton of ports to hook into it. Seems pretty smart to me.

  4. Well the first half of the IOS video was an excruciating lot of wank about how they’ve made everything a bit prettier and (in my opinion) unnecessarily processor intensive. The second half was a lot more listenable. I’m glad Apple have introduced the control centre in order to bring some of the many settings I used to want to fiddle with frequently (Bluetooth, wifi, hotspot, etc)  somewhere less buried; although I still think the introduction of widgets would have been a better bet. Adding Airdrop also looks like a very handy feature. 

    The Mac Pro looks great and will undoubtedly be widely adopted. As for the various complaints about lack of expansion, with 6 Thunderbolt spots I think Apple in plainly betting on external expansion. Hardly unique, there have been a heck of a lot of Firewire peripherals for Mac. As for the lack of drive bays, well the same again. What purpose do drive bays really serve anymore, what benefit do they provide over a thunderbolt or USB3 external device?

    I think I’ll finally be upgrading my OS X as well.  I mean who can’t go past that new innovative combined Search/URL bar in Chrome!? Kidding aside, I like the (really obvious) introduction of a tabbed Finder and better multiscreen support. But more than any new feature, I just need to reformat the macbook and it seems like the introduction of the new operating system is a good excuse to finally do it.

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